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Please be advised: Due to construction, portions of the Wings of the Tropics Conservatory will be closed from 9/26-9/30

Butterfly Walk with the Lepidopterist

Saturday, December 9th 9:00 –10:00am

Experience a butterfly adventure at Butterfly Pavilion’s Wings of the Tropics butterfly conservatory! Join our resident Lepidopterist for a guided tour, gaining insights into over 1800 butterflies and 80 species that inhabit this indoor tropical rainforest.

Unveil the magic as you explore the wonders of butterflies on this educational and entertaining morning walk. Our expert, with a lifelong dedication to butterfly research, will guide you through this immersive hour-long program. Get ready to discover the captivating world of butterflies like never before!


  • General Admission: $20  
  • Member: $15 

Program Highlights


  • Unveil the Magic: Imagine spending an hour immersed in the enchanting world of butterflies, guided by an expert who has dedicated their life to the study of these delicate creatures. At Butterfly Pavilion, this dream becomes a reality.
  • Close Encounter: Located in the heart of Colorado, Butterfly Pavilion is a unique place where you can witness hundreds of butterflies up close and personal. As you enter our butterfly conservatory, you’ll find yourself surrounded by these beautiful creatures as they flutter gracefully around you.
  • Meet the Expert: Our resident Lepidopterist is your knowledgeable guide throughout this unforgettable experience. They bring a wealth of expertise and passion for butterflies, ensuring you gain a deep understanding of their fascinating behaviors, life cycles, and importance in our ecosystem.
  • Educational Fun: This one-hour program blends education and entertainment, making it perfect for visitors. Whether you’re a butterfly enthusiast or simply curious about these colorful insects, you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for the natural world.

Don’t miss this chance to connect with nature and witness the magic of butterflies up close. Join us at Butterfly Pavilion’s Wings of the Tropics Exhibit for an hour of wonder and discovery. Book your spot today to embark on a journey guided by our resident Lepidopterist, and let the beauty of butterflies captivate your senses.