Welcome Butterfly Pavilion's new ambassador animal, the Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula!

This election year, cast a vote for your favorite name and make your voice heard! Will it be Chaco, Goldie, or Oro? Vote before July 28th to help name our new tarantula!

Voting is now open!

At Butterfly Pavilion, we are changing how people think about invertebrates through education and research. We want the community to appreciate the tiny giants that sustain all life on earth and have the opportunity to participate in conserving them. One of the ways we connect guests with our mission is through hands-on learning experiences, like holding Rosie, the Chilean Rose Hair tarantula. Rosie is an ambassador animal; she represents her species and helps educate the public about tarantulas and their conservation needs in the wild.  Rosie has been with us for nearly 30 years and has connected with millions of guests. She has taught them that invertebrates are fascinating and important creatures. It’s a lot of work, and Rosie can’t do all the invertebrate de-ickification alone! Butterfly Pavilion is introducing a new ambassador animal to help uphold our mission. Our invertebrate experts have trained her for months to prepare her for her debut. Welcome Rosie’s cousin, the Chaco Golden Knee tarantula (Grammostola pulchripes)! 

Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula

The Chaco Golden Knee tarantula is a spider native to parts of Argentina and Paraguay. It gets its name from the vibrant gold bands on its legs and the Gran Chaco region, a tropical dry forest spanning parts of Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. Adult Chacos’ leg span can reach seven to eight inches in length. Male Chaco tarantulas can live 5-10 years, while females can live 20-25 years!  Chaco tarantulas keep close to the ground and often create burrows for shelter. Instead of spinning webs to capture prey, they use their silk-spinning abilities to cushion their dens and eggs. They feed on other small insects like crickets and roaches by injecting venom into their prey with their fangs. Don’t worry; tarantula bites are rare unless you’re a cricket. Like Rosie, Chacos are known for their calm and docile demeanor, making them a perfect ambassador animal! 

Vote to Name Our New Tarantula!

 Exciting news! Our Chaco tarantula will be ready to be held on July 15th, and we need your help to name her! Should we stick with her iconic species name, “Chaco”? Or should we name her “Goldie” to highlight her stunning gold bands? How about “Oro,” which means “gold” in Spanish, to represent her cultural roots and signature look? Visit from July 15–28 to hold her and cast your vote in person or click the link below to vote now!

Want to help ensure that the name you voted for wins? Your first vote is free, with additional votes available for $1.00 each.  Your extra votes support Butterfly Pavilion’s important invertebrate work, allowing us to continue bringing the wonders of the invertebrate world to you, while protecting and conserving invertebrates in the wild!

P.S. Rosie isn’t going anywhere!  Our new tarantula is just joining in the fun for you to visit and hold her too. 

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