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Habitat Gardening Bootcamp

Habitat Gardening Bootcamp


Transform your yard into a pollinator habitat haven with Butterfly Pavilion's Habitat Gardening Bootcamp! This five-workshop series includes workshop-style lectures, interactive participation, hands-on outdoor activities, and personalized exploration. You will join classes of 20-25 other passionate pollinator supporters and gardening enthusiasts through the planning, design, implementation, and upkeep involved in pollinator gardening – from practical perspectives.

Who should participate?   

Adults (18+) who: 

  • Have landscapes (residential or other)
  • Are interested in learning about pollinators and habitat
  • Want to express their creativity through outdoor space
  • Have an interest in sustainability and conservation

Why join?   


  • Learn to design a 200 sq. ft. pollinator-friendly garden 
  • Understand how to plant and maintain pollinator-friendly landscapes 
  • Learn with other students and receive a private one-on-one assessment with a horticulture specialist 
  • Learn garden design principles from a pollinator perspective 


  • Empowered to transform your home landscapes into a haven for pollinators and other wildlife 
  • Make a positive impact on your home, neighborhood, community, and environment 


  • Create a 200 sq. ft. pollinator-friendly garden for your own outdoor space 
  • Perform a site assessment of your own property 


 2023 Workshop Dates and Topics

February – September 

Feb 26– Habitat Gardening 101  

Why is pollinator gardening beneficial? Students will be introduced to pollinators, their connections to the broader health of the planet, and the impacts garden spaces can have.  

March 12– Getting to Know Plants  

Students will explore the considerations of selecting, grouping, and acquiring plants for their gardens, including: “Right Plant, Right Place” based on assessments of their own spaces 

April 16– Design Workshop  

We’ll explore design approaches and layouts with both Butterfly Pavilion staff and fellow Bootcamp Teammates! Students will experience demonstrations in tool use and explore principles of design through the examination of existing gardens. 

May 7– Site Prep & Planting  

Students will spend a significant amount of time “in the field”, learning the hands-on components of implementing their garden in sustainable and habitat-friendly ways. Focusing on topics including planting techniques, plant spacing, irrigation, soil, and mulch. 

June 25– Maintenance  

Students will explore ways to promote the sustainability of their space and ways to link it to the health of neighboring space. Topics include seed collection & observing and tracking pollinators to assess the impact of your garden. 

September 10– Evaluation & Year-End Gathering  

Students will have the opportunity to gather, report, and share stories on the progress of their gardens, as well as in engage in a garden art activity that supplements their learning throughout the course.



Full Series:

( Includes five three-hour Bootcamp workshops and one half-hour private consultation)

Member: $300

Non-member $350


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Meet our Habitat Expert

Ashley White - Community Habitats Manager

Ashley White is Butterfly Pavilion’s Community Habitats Manager. She started as an intern in 2017 and has been a dedicated member of the team! Her education and background focus on Horticulture and according to Ashley, “plant nerdom”. She’s passionate about connecting people to healthy outdoor spaces and nature. Ashley leads and supports many Butterfly Pavilion projects, such as Urban Prairies Project, Healthy Habitats Gardening Program, Pollinator Corridors in Boulder, offsite pollinator gardens, growing out native plant materials with community members, and more!

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