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Today's Hours
First Entry 9:00 am
Last Entry 4:15 pm

Daily Programs & Showtimes

During your visit to Butterfly Pavilion, enjoy our interactive daily programs that explore science and conservation topics.

*Please note, times and locations are subject to change. A daily schedule of programs is listed to the right of the Front Desk at the entrance to Butterfly Pavilion. 

Story Time
Location: Hairstreak Haven Campground in Colorado Backyard
Time: Daily, 10:00 am
Enter the lives of Butterfly Pavilion’s favorite invertebrate friends through exciting tales of adventure, loss, love, and what it means to be bug.

Mantis Shrimp Feeding
Location: Water’s Edge
Time: Sunday and Wednesday at 2:30 pm
See a live feeding of the incredible mantis shrimp! Witness the ocean’s most powerful punch, learn how we keep this animal happy and healthy, and how this species inspires human technologies.

Gardens & Nature Walking Tour 
Location: Meet at the Hairstreak Haven Campground in Colorado Backyard
Time: As scheduled.
Experience a guided tour of Butterfly Pavilion’s outdoor gardens and nature trail. Learn about native plants perfectly suited to Colorado and say hello to some of your favorite bug friends, while maybe even discovering some new ones!

Coral Reef Encounter 
Location: Water’s Edge
Times: Friday at 2:30 pm
Experience a live feeding of one of the many fascinating invertebrates that inhabit our world’s oceans, and discover the incredible diversity of their underwater habitat.

Butterfly Release 
Location: Wings of the Tropics
Times: Daily, 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm
Join us as we uncover the incredible life story of our, from sustainable farms across the world to taking flight in our tropical conservatory. See butterflies released into the exhibit and learn about the importance of protecting their habitats globally.

Rainforest Walking Tour
Location: Wings of the Tropics
Times: As scheduled.
Ramble through a living, breathing rainforest on this guided tour of our Wings of the Tropics exhibit. Learn about the incredible importance of rainforests to our daily lives and what each of us can do to preserve these vital ecosystems.

Tarantula Feeding
Location: Colorado Backyard
Times: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 2:30 pm
Come see a live feeding of a tarantula! Learn how we keep these animals happy and healthy, as well as how spiders use incredible adaptations to survive in their environments.

Bug Tasting Talk 
Location: Exploration Station in Colorado Backyard
Times: As scheduled.
Let’s explore entomophagy, or in other words, but eating! Learn about the benefits of including invertebrates in your diet and the importance of this practice to cultures around the world. Even taste one for yourself – bug appetit!

Monarch Watch 
Location: Colorado Backyard
Times: Daily in September an October at 11:30 am
Test out being a citizen scientist and help us conserve monarch butterflies!  Learn about their incredible lives, including their 2,500-mile migration, and how you can protect them through observation.