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Butterfly Pavilion will be closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays until further notice. To learn more about our operating variance with the State of Colorado, click here.

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Today's Hours
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Kids Nature Camps at Butterfly Pavilion

Spring & Summer Break Camp Registration will go live mid-January! Join us for any of our winter camps below!

Winter & Spring Camps 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent developments around COVID-19 in Colorado, Butterfly Pavilion will be limiting our camp registration to 10 students per camp room (20 total campers) per day to encourage social distancing.  We are making many modifications and taking many precautions in preparation for a safe, fun in-person summer camp and we will update parents and this site if this changes.

2020 Butterfly Pavilion Camp COVID-19 FAQ

2020 Camp FAQs

If you have questions or concerns, please email

Upcoming  Winter Camps

This winter and spring we will be having a full day and half day camp-style workshops every Friday and on all out of school holidays to support learners ages 5-12.  Whether your kiddo is doing remote learning, in-person, or a hybrid, we are here to support your families and children with fun, interactive themes with a safe cohort of students each week!

Upcoming Camps: 

Friday January 8: Metamorphosis – Moths and Butterflies – Does a butterfly go into a chrysalis or a cocoon? How much do caterpillars eat? Come join us to learn about the incredible metamorphosis of moths and butterflies.

Friday January 15: Metamorphosis – Plants – Do plants have a life cycle? What are the different parts of a seed? Do bugs help plants grow? Come join us to learn about the incredible metamorphosis of plants.

Monday January 18 (MLK Day Camp): Tiny Giants – What is the biggest bug in the world? What about the smallest bug in the world? Do big and small bugs have the same adaptations? Come join us to learn about the different adaptations of the biggest and smallest bugs.

Friday January 22: Metamorphosis – Underwater – Does coral have a life cycle? Do sea jellies start out as baby jellies? Come join us to learn about the different ways underwater animals go through metamorphosis.

Friday January 29: Metamorphosis – Beetles, Ants, and Bees – Do beetles and bees have the same life cycle? What about ants and bees? How about beetles and ants? Come join us to learn about insect metamorphosis, and if all insects have the same life cycle.


Spring Break Camp: Colorado Ecosystems March 22-26


Have you ever wondered how animals in your backyard are different than those in the mountains? What about plants in the prairie vs. the plants in the wetlands? Come join us as we learn about the different plants and animals in the different biomes found in our home state.

Monday March 22: Prairie

                Do tarantulas migrate down South? Are prairie dogs important for ecosystem health? What about ants? Come spend the day learning about the incredible animals that help make the prairie home.

Tuesday March 23: Wetland

                Do dragonflies fly really fast? Are beavers important for wetland health? What kind of plants grow in a wetland?  Come spend the day learning about the incredible animals that help make the wetland home.

Wednesday March 24: Mountain

                Have you ever wondered where our state butterfly lives? What about if beetles harm the trees in the mountains or help them? Are wolves good for the environment or do they harm the environment. Come spend the day learning about the incredible animals that help make the mountains home.

Thursday March 25: Alpine

                Does moss grow in the alpines? Do spiders live on the top of the mountains? What about butterflies?  Come spend the day learning about the incredible animals that help make the alpine home.

Friday March 26: Urban   

Are honey bees the only pollinators? Do centipedes like to live in or homes? What about spiders?  Come spend the day learning about the incredible animals that help make the urban home.

Day Camp Pricing

Please note: Payment is due at the time of registration. Scholarships are available for up to 50% of camp cost for qualifying students. If you are applying for a scholarship, you must fill out the scholarship application form.

  • Full Day 9am-4pm: Non-member: $60, member $50
  • Half Day: 9am-12pm: Non-member $36, member $30
  • Full Week Full Day 9am-4pm: Non-member: $265, member $240
  • Full Week Half Day: 9am-12pm: Non-member: $155, member $135

Extended Care Options

  • Early Drop Off (8 am – 8:45 am): $10
  • Late Pick Up (4:15  – 5:00 pm): $10


Butterfly Pavilion camps are designed to provide memorable experiences that connect kids to nature and encourage an appreciation for science. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. 

All Butterfly Pavilion camps feature…

  • Hands-on activities that are engaging, informative, appeal to a variety of interests and abilities.
  • Opportunities to explore Butterfly Pavilion and experience the plants and animals that call it home.
  • Fun and exciting topics representing a range of STEAM disciplines.
  • Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced counselors who will inspire, and care for, your camper.

If you have feedback or want to see other fall offerings, please fill out our fall program survey here! 

Special thanks to our camp sponsor!


Live Chrysalis Camera

See butterflies as they emerge in Butterfly Pavilion’s Wings of the Tropics!

Colorado Backyard

Butterfly Pavilion's newest interactive exhibit connects guests to the rich and diverse life that surrounds us, and inspires a greater commitment to conserve all of our natural treasures in Colorado and beyond.

Wings of the Tropics

Walk among free-flying butterflies in a tropical paradise.


Transport yourself to the Crawl-A-See-Em, home of Rosie the tarantula and other small wonders! Explore and learn about dozens of species of arthropods. Sharpen your observation skills as you discover animals hidden in their native habitats.

Water’s Edge

Explore the incredible diversity of underwater invertebrates.

Outdoor Gardens & Nature Trails

Explore the lifecycle of a Colorado ecosystem.

Daily Programs & Showtimes

There’s always something new to discover at Butterfly Pavilion! Join Butterfly Pavilion’s interpretive specialists to learn more about the amazing plants and animals at the zoo. Daily programs can include feeding demonstrations, animal encounters, guided tours, and interactive presentations.

Upcoming Events

Aquatics 101 Virtual Class: How To Set Up a Successful Home Aquarium

Get your home tank up and thriving!
Coming Soon in 2021!

An Octopus Occasion At Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavilion has welcomed a new 8-armed friend to our Water’s Edge exhibit. To celebrate, we are releasing special tickets that come with a huggable octopus plushie and giving our cephalopod friend a new name with your help!
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Colorado Backyard Exhibit & Play Area is Reopening!

For Members: November 2nd | For General Public: November 7th
We are excited to safely re-open our Colorado Backyard exhibit and play area to our members beginning on November 2nd and to the general public on November 7th!
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