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Today's Hours
First Entry 9:00 am
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Scout Classes at Butterfly Pavilion

Meet your Girl or Boy Scout badge requirements by scheduling one of our fun, inquiry-based classes! (& other fun scout opportunities!)

These 40 minute programs are offered weekday afternoons and Saturdays based on availability. Classes must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance.

Girl Scout Bug Badge Class:

  • See bugs in action
  • Explore bug homes
  • Take a bug field trip
  • Try a bug craft!

Boy Scout Insect Study Badge Class:

  • Tell how insects are different from all other animals.
  • Show how insects are different from centipedes and spiders.
  • Point out and name the main parts of an insect.
  • Describe the characteristics that distinguish the principal families and orders of insects.
  • Compare the life histories of a butterfly and a grasshopper. Tell how they are different.
  • Tell things that make social insects different from solitary insects.
  • Tell how insects fit in the food chains of other insects, fish, birds, and mammals.

Cost for Badge Class:

Group Admission +  $25 class cost per group.

Group Admission – for groups of 10 or more paying guests. 

  • Adult – $10
  • Seniors (65+) – $8
  • Children (2-12) – $6
  • Children (under 2) – FREE
  • Class – $25

Have questions or want to know what other scout options we have? Just email Marissa at