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Mastering Insect Pinning: The Art of Wing Spreading

Thursday, November 16th 5:00 – 6:30 PM

Learn the delicate art of insect pinning in our hands-on workshop, “Mastering Insect Pinning: The Art of Wing Spreading.” This workshop focuses on a fundamental aspect of insect preservation—the precise technique of spreading an insect’s wings. 

*All insects featured in this workshop have been meticulously sourced from reputable sellers approved by Butterfly Pavilion*

What you’ll get: 

  • 1 large butterfly specimen to pin  
  • 1 take-home spreading board  

* Because wing spreading is a time-consuming process participants will not pin a finished product in this class but will be able to take their butterfly home to finish the process* 


  • $50 general admission 
  • $40 member  

Program Highlights

  • Unlocking the Beauty: Spreading an insect’s wings is a vital step in showcasing its exquisite wing patterns and colors. We’ll delve into the aesthetics of insect wings and explore how proper wing spreading can enhance your insect collection’s visual appeal. 
  • Hands-On Experience: Participants will have the unique opportunity to practice the art of wing spreading under the guidance of experienced entomologists. You’ll work with real insect specimens and gain practical skills in handling and preserving these delicate creatures. 
  • Preservation Techniques: Learn the importance of insect pinning and preservation for scientific research, education, and personal collections. We’ll cover the tools, materials, and methods needed to ensure your specimens are properly preserved for years to come. 
  • Biodiversity and Conservation: Gain insights into the incredible diversity of insect species and the vital role they play in ecosystems. Understand the significance of preserving insects as a means of documenting biodiversity and supporting conservation efforts. 
  • Ethical Collection: We emphasize responsible collection practices and ethical considerations when collecting insects. Discover how to engage in insect collecting with respect for the environment and its inhabitants.