Pollinator Palooza

Pollinator Palooza 2023

The two-month promotion will include various workshops, new pollinator exhibits, external speaking engagements, garden and conservatory tours, a Pollinator Palooza festival toward the end of June and National Pollinator month, and the relaunch of Butterfly Pavilion’s Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education (PACE) initiative with a relaunch event to include supporting words from.

BEE The Change for now and the future – get involved in protecting pollinators today and tomorrow.

Pollinator Palooza Events at Butterfly Pavilion

Pollinator Palooza Launch at Butterfly Pavilion

Join Butterfly Pavilion and help us launch Pollinator Palooza with the ribbon-cutting opening of our new interactive pollinator exhibit, introduction to our Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education (PACE) community initiative, and words from the First Gentleman of Colorado, Marlon Reis.

Mother’s Day at Butterfly Pavilion

This Mother’s Day, come to Butterfly Pavilion to do something with Mom, celebrate pollinators, and create a meaningful memory all at the same time. Mother’s Day at Butterfly Pavilion is full of fun activities. Together with the kids you will decorate a pot, getting it ready for a pollinator-friendly plant for your own backyard, go on a stroll through wings of the tropics with a special butterfly-attracting flower, and plant your mini pollinator habitat in the pot you decorated together.

Habitat Gardening Basics at Butterfly Pavilion

If you’ve always wanted to see more butterflies in your garden, have bigger harvests from your kitchen garden, or just make a positive difference for the planet, pollinator habitat gardening could be for you! This 90-minute interactive workshop will introduce you to the principles and practices of pollinator habitat gardening, from site assessment to design to maintenance.