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University Courses

University-Level Courses

Let our invertebrate experts expand your course catalog.

Open students’ minds to the power of invertebrates.


Augment your science and biology departments with course content from Butterfly Pavilion.

Imagine taking your students inside the maze of honeycombs under the lid of a honey bee hive. Or immersing them in the depths of an oceanic oasis to understand the power packed into a mantis shrimp. See them experience the components of a prime pollinator habitat from the ground up. All of this is possible by partnering with Butterfly Pavilion to create unique course content.

Augment your biology, conservation, and science courses with leading global experts in invertebrate research and conservation. Butterfly Pavilion’s relationship with higher education includes worldwide research partnerships with leading universities. We know how to create and teach this content.

Mourning Cloak willow
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