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Please be advised: Butterfly Pavilion will be closing early on Saturday, December 9th at 4:00p with last admission at 3:15p.

Winter Nature Journaling: Exploring Overwintering Invertebrate Habitats

November 11, 2023 9:00 –11:00 a.m.

Join professional scientific illustrator Catie Michel for our Winter Nature Journaling class that celebrates the hidden wonders of the colder months. During this workshop, you will learn how to create a nature journal and begin to make your own illustrations. Winter nature journaling at Butterfly Pavilion highlights winter plants and their vital role in providing nourishment and shelter for invertebrates that brave the chill to overwinter. This unique class offers an extraordinary blend of artistic expression, ecological discovery, and outdoor exploration. 

About the Instructor – Catie Michel: Catie Michel is a scientific illustrator with a deep-rooted passion for capturing the intricate details of the natural world. With a portfolio that spans numerous publications and collaborations with scientists, naturalists, and other artists, Catie brings both artistic technique and scientific observation to her instruction. Her ability to intertwine art and science creates an enriching learning experience that encourages participants to view the environment through a new lens. 


  • $30 General Admission
  • $25 Member 

*This class is geared towards adults but is suitable for 16+ with a parent in attendance*

Program Highlights

  • Guidance from a Professional Illustrator: Learn from the expertise of professional scientific illustrator Catie Michel, who will share her artistic insights and techniques for nature journaling throughout the class. 
  • Explore the Winter Ecosystem: Embark into the often-overlooked world of winter plants. Discover their crucial role in providing sustenance and shelter to resilient invertebrates braving the cold season. 
  • Artistic Expression: Unleash your creativity as you capture the intricate beauty of winter flora and the delicate creatures that depend on them. Enhance your nature journaling skills and develop your artistic talents. 
  • Ecological Discovery: Gain a deeper understanding of the ecological significance of winter plants and the interconnected web of life that persists even in the coldest months. 
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you’re seasoned at nature journaling or just beginning, this class welcomes participants of all skill levels. Catie Michel will tailor her guidance to meet your unique needs and goals.