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Looking to visit Butterfly Pavilion during the week? Come in after 1:00 p.m. for a quieter experience!

9th-12th Grade Outreach Programs

Bug Bites

Discover bug cuisine from cultures around the world and find bugs in our everyday food. Meet live animals that have been on the menu and taste a few buggy treats!

Bug Safari

In this presentation, guests meet invertebrates from environments around the globe, hear about their characteristics, where and how they live, and why they are important in our world.

Powerful Pollinators

Look beyond honeybees to investigate the diverse array of invertebrate pollinators and their importance.

Aquatic Invertebrates

Become a scientist and explore the adaptations and critical ecological relationship of key aquatic invertebrates. Students will investigate how environmental changes can impact these invertebrates and their ecosystems.

Paleo Journey

To fully understand just how important invertebrate animals are, audiences can travel back in time to the dawn of the animal kingdom to see how bugs of today compare to their ancient counterparts.

True Invertebrate Tales

Through the storytelling of real-life encounters with mysterious invertebrates, audiences can come to appreciate just how incredible and valuable these animals truly are.