Global Projects

Butterfly Pavilion manages programs and projects achieving global impact in invertebrate research and conservation.

Bee Fencing Project

Butterfly Pavilion supports the spread of beehive fencing to new communities in Africa and Asia to mitigate human-elephant conflict.

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Our Leading Environmental Action for Sustainability (LEAFS) program offers communities the knowledge and resources necessary to establish viable solutions and businesses that generate sustainable income and support healthy rainforest habitat. In collaboration with the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund, the Bee Fence Project involves using bees to mitigate human-elephant conflict. With an understanding that elephants are fearful of bees, hives are placed around the perimeter of agricultural crops, ensuring that these areas are not disturbed. This design provides an alternative to harmful means of elephant control, while protecting farmer livelihoods and contributing pollination services to the local area. Location: Nepal

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Ketambe Butterfly Project in Sumatra

Butterfly Pavilion has constructed a butterfly farm in Sumatra to protect natural resources, butterflies, and even critically endangered rhinos.

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Parnassian Butterfly Assessment in Mongolia

Butterfly Pavilion studies three Parnassian butterfly species in Mongolia to better conserve these threatened invertebrates.

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Saudi Arabia Protected Areas Restoration

Butterfly Pavilion guiding the reintroduction of native wildlife to reserves in Saudi Arabia.

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