Schools and Youth Groups

Butterfly Pavilion offers learning opportunities for schools and youth groups that are engaging, fun, and designed to tap the inner scientist in everyone.

We have updated our guidelines and created an FAQ in order to protect the safety of our staff and guests. To read more, click here!

Field Trips

Take a journey through Butterfly Pavilion’s indoor and outdoor exhibits and discover the fascinating lives of invertebrates from desert, grassland, rainforest, ocean and freshwater environments. Field trips feature hands-on experiences with live animals, interactive technology and invertebrate experts, self-guided exhibit exploration and/or facilitated class options with a Butterfly Pavilion educator, and curriculum-aligned content that explores science and conservation topics.

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Virtual Learning

All you need is a laptop, a webcam and a high-speed internet connection to bring Butterfly Pavilion’s award-winning virtual learning programs to your school or youth group. Programs feature interactive, real-time lessons on-screen facilitated by a Butterfly Pavilion educator, live on-screen animal experiences and/or exploration of real-world conservation topics and curriculum-aligned content that uses visual and audio media to illustrate science concepts.

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Working bees on honeycomb

Outreach Programs

No bus? No problem! Butterfly Pavilion can bring a program directly to your school or community site. Programs feature an interactive lesson and small group investigations facilitated by a Butterfly Pavilion educator, hands-on explorations with live animals and/or specimens, models and media, and curriculum-aligned content that explores science and conservation topics.

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Homeschool Days

Homeschoolers and your families, these days are reserved especially for you! Take advantage of these exciting opportunities to explore our engaging exhibits and interact with thousands of invertebrates, all without the crowds! Each Homeschool Day incorporates themed activities great for all ages. These include various invertebrate investigations, talks with real scientists, fun crafts, and more.

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