Community Science

Conservation is in your hands! Be a scientist and volunteer to help monitor butterflies, or restore urban prairies to save the tiny giants around the globe!

If you love the outdoors, care about the environment, and want to be part of a fun and engaging scientific community activity, join one of Butterfly Pavilion Community Science projects. Grab a friend or your family and assist our scientists in a nature adventure that will positively impact Colorado communities and help us save nature’s tiny giants!

Why Volunteer for Butterfly Pavilion Community Science?

Why not!? We need your help, and it all starts with taking that first small step to become a community scientist.

Some sciences, like community science, are impossible without the support of people within the community. They rely on the energy and enthusiasm of individuals who want to help make a difference, providing an outlet to work together to overcome the challenges in today’s environment that is everchanging. In a world that often feels like we are growing further apart, community science allows us to come together towards a common goal, to help learn and protect the incredible wildlife that calls Colorado home.

Butterfly Pavilion Community Science programs are diverse, allowing for your own personal interests to guide you in selecting one that matches you interests and capabilities. If you’re looking for something active, our Urban Prairies Project to restore habitat in Colorado’s open spaces lets you get down and dirty through in-field planting projects, invasive removal and more! If you’re looking for a reason to get outdoors consistently, you can help monitor butterflies or dragonflies along an easy to walk trail multiple times throughout the spring and summer.

All these efforts allow you to be an integral part of collecting valuable data that can show how our native Colorado wildlife is interacting with the world around them.

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Urban Prairies Project

The Urban Prairies Project (UPP) is a collaborative habitat restoration program that improves Colorado urban and suburban open spaces through the knowledge and passion of community scientists. Through hands-on restoration, data collection and monitoring, and engaging with the community, volunteers are helping to counteract the effects of habitat loss!

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Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network

Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network (CBMN) is a community science project that harnesses the power of volunteers to understand and conserve Colorado butterflies. Volunteers observe and count butterflies in open spaces and parks multiple times per season, gathering essential data that land managers and policy makers can use when making conservation decisions.

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Colorado Firefly Watch

Did you know that Colorado has native fireflies? Most people are unaware of this due to light pollution and development destroying their habitat. To conserve fireflies, Butterfly Pavilion is studying how to breed and raise fireflies under human care. Become a community scientist and help Butterfly Pavilion track firefly populations around Colorado!

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Community Science Data

View our data collected from various Community Science programs!

Community Science Data

Butterfly Quest

Butterfly Pavilion’s Butterfly Quest is a unique opportunity to assist with Butterfly Pavilion research, while exploring the world of animal behavior. Help observe tagged butterflies, record meaningful data, and share your discoveries — all on your phone. By participating in Butterfly Quest, you are helping our scientists shape animal welfare here and in zoos around the world!

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Partner projects

Check out some of our partner programs to learn more and engage in more projects!

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