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Urban Prairies Project

The Urban Prairies Project (UPP) improves the ecological health of urban and suburban open spaces along the front range and beyond, while providing opportunities to engage community volunteers in habitat conservation for pollinators and other wildlife.

Healthy Habitat Gardening

Over the last century, the short grass prairie ecosystem that once dominated our Colorado Front Range has declined to less than one-fifth of its original area. Alongside this, we’ve witnessed a massive loss in important plant and animal species, integral ecosystem processes, and availability of nature essential to human health!

Through core training in restoration principles and techniques, native ecosystems, crew leadership, and interpretation and community outreach, you can help counteract the effects of this loss by becoming a Restoration Master Volunteer.

Restoration Master Volunteers have the opportunity and the choice to participate in hands-on restoration (planting projects, weed mitigation, seed collection, etc.), monitoring and data collection (surrounding pollinators, plants, burrowing owls, soil quality, and more!), or outreach in the community (attending fairs, writing articles putting on nature walks, etc.!) – OR all of the above!

No experience is necessary to participate! Everyone is welcome. There are opportunities year-round, with trainings running in March and September.

How to participate?

  • Submit a Volunteer Sign-Up Form
  • Attend a Restoration Master Volunteer training session (in-person when possible, run in Spring, Summer, and Fall).
  • Receive updates about upcoming projects and monitoring programs and supplemental training throughout the year – sign up for what interests you the most.
  • Begin participating in planting projects, invasive plant removal, seed collection, plant and animal monitoring, and outreach in the community!

Sign Up for a Training!

Trainings will be recorded and available to listen to on your own time beginning April 15th. Use the sign-up form to indicate you’d like to receive this self-paced training. 

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