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Welcome to the Businesses for Environmental Excellence (BEE) Sustainable Partners Program

Join us in making a positive impact on our community and the environment by becoming a part of Butterfly Pavilion’s BEE Sustainable Partners Program. This annual program brings together 10+ leading companies passionate about sustainability to educate, engage, and activate their organizations and the community on supporting native pollinators. 


Why Become a BEE Sustainable Partner?

Educate: Learn from Butterfly Pavilion experts through lunch-and-learns, helping to fulfill Butterfly Pavilion’s efforts to educate the public about the importance of pollinators.

Engage: Get hands-on experience by having your company’s employees (10-15) assist our horticulture staff on-site in our Discovery Gardens.

Activate: Take action by having your company’s employees (10-15) work hand-in-hand with Butterfly Pavilion staff to restore pollinator habitat in Colorado open-spaces.

Impact: Make a difference! In 2024, 300 acres of pollinator habitat will be restored or conserved through partnerships with eight municipalities coordinated by Butterfly Pavilion, protecting native pollinators and restoring Colorado prairie land. 



How You Can Get Involved 

Join the Program: Sign up your company to become a part of the BEE Sustainable Partners Program and start making a difference today for our community and our future.   

Participate in Events: Schedule an expert speaker to present at your company, schedule a hands-on company volunteer opportunity at Butterfly Pavilion, and participate in a habitat restoration project. 

Spread the Word: Share your involvement as a BEE Sustainable Partner with your internal and external networks using the BEE Sustainable marketing toolkit provided to your organization once you sign up.  This includes a template press release announcement, newsletter content, social media posts and more!    

Together, We Can Make a Difference 

By joining the BEE Sustainable Partners Program, you’re not just supporting Butterfly Pavilion’s mission, but also contributing to a more sustainable future for our community and our planet. 


To learn more contact Katie Johnson, Director of Partnerships at 



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