Homeschool Days

Homeschool Day offers multiple experiences designed around a central theme that explores Butterfly Pavilion’s featured habitats and animals in a unique way. This event offers an admission discount for homeschool families and allows them to experience typical field trip opportunities, such as special classes, activities, and crafts.

Upcoming Homeschool Days:

August 14, 2024: Ocean Odyssey

Dive deep under the waves and discover the incredible invertebrates that call our oceans home. Interactive classes, activities, and crafts will explore our important marine wildlife.

September 12, 2024: Buzzing About Bees

Discover the fascinating world of bees and their crucial role in our ecosystems during this special homeschool day. Participate in interactive classes and activities led by Butterfly Pavilion educators and learn all about these vital pollinators.

November 19, 2024: Career Crossroads: Critters, Conservation, and Causes

Explore various careers related to invertebrates, animal care, education, and nonprofits in our Career Exploration Day. Meet professionals, learn about their journeys, and discover exciting opportunities for your future path!

December 18, 2024: Magnificent Birdwings: A Lens into Butterfly Conservation

Learn about the magnificent Birdwing Butterflies while addressing issues around the illegal animal trade, poaching, and how supporting sustainable butterfly farms helps conservation efforts.



Adults $10.00

Children(2-12): $6.00

Children (Under 2): FREE

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