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Please be advised: Due to construction, portions of the Wings of the Tropics Conservatory will be closed from 9/26-9/30

Sumatra Butterfly House

Butterfly Pavilion has constructed a butterfly farm in Sumatra to protect natural resources, butterflies, and even critically endangered rhinos.

The Indonesian island of Sumatra holds some of the richest and most diverse tropical forests on the planet, giving shelter to many rare species. About 12 million hectares of forest on Sumatra have been cleared in the past 22 years, a loss of nearly 50%. This highlights the urgent need for sustainable wildlife-based economies that create development opportunities for local communities and promote coexistence with the natural environment. Sustainable wildlife-based economies depend on healthy ecosystems, creating an economic incentive for protecting natural resources and increasing conservation advocacy by local communities. Sustainable butterfly farming is an example of these industries. 

In 2019, Butterfly Pavilion (BP) partnered with Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS) to propose creating a butterfly farm in or near Ketambe, Sumatra in Indonesia. This butterfly farm will not only be an incentive for natural resource conservation, but it will also aid in the conservation of threatened and endangered Bird Wing butterflies which are threatened by butterfly poaching. In addition, WPS’s work in rhinoceros conservation in Sumatra aligns well with our desire to make an impact that extends beyond butterflies to entire ecosystems. Working with WPs, Butterfly Pavilion will use the net profits from the butterfly farm to support the local community and conservation of the critically endangered Sumatran rhino.  

In 2021, we finished construction of the butterfly flight house in Sumatra and made great strides towards establishing plans for host plant propagation and the construction of an on-site research laboratory. This butterfly farm will be a base for invertebrate research, biodiversity surveys, invertebrate breeding, community involvement and outreach, and land conservation in Sumatra.  

To support the establishment of the butterfly farm and research facility in Sumatra, donate here