2023 Annual Colorado Pollinator Summit

Colorado Pollinator Network was established in 2016 to support organizations and individuals throughout Colorado in collaborating to make a positive impact on the health of our state pollinators. This group shares information about the best practices, resources, and knowledge to support education initiatives, conservation, restoration, and creation of habitats and research on pollinators in the state. 

Vision: Colorado will be the model state for collaboration on the protection of pollinators and their habitat through the Colorado Pollinator Network. 

Mission: The Colorado Pollinator Network brings organizations together to work collaboratively to conserve, protect, and create pollinator habitats to educate communities across the state to protect our pollinators. 

Purpose: The Colorado Pollinator Network is a collaboration of organizations making a positive impact on the health of pollinators. We share best practices, research, resources, and knowledge to support education, habitat conservation, creation and restoration initiatives.


Information about the 2023 Colorado Pollinator Summit coming soon!


The Summit is designed for organizations, agencies, businesses, professionals, educators, growers, land managers, researchers and volunteers actively working to conserve and protect pollinators and their habitats. More information about the program will be available in the coming months If you would like to be a part of the Colorado Pollinator Network, or learn more about the Colorado Pollinator Summit, contact Amy Yarger, Butterfly Pavilion Horticulture Director at ayarger@butterflies.org