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Curriculum Standards by Exhibit

Butterfly Pavilion is pleased to offer exceptional and unique opportunities to our learners. Due to the individualized and experiential nature of our exhibits, all requirements of the following standards may not be explicitly fulfilled, but rather may be supported through each learners’ interaction with the resources the exhibit provides.  

If you are looking to specific programming that can more thoroughly fulfill standard requirements, we suggest booking an on-site or outreach class, or participating in a PBL program designed by our educators.


At Butterfly Pavilion we transform the way students think about invertebrates.

Curriculum Standards for Classes

Crawl-A-See-Em Standard Curriculum

Transport yourself to the Survival exhibit, home of Rosie the tarantula and other small wonders! Explore and learn about dozens of species of arthropods. Sharpen your observation skills as you discover animals hidden in their native habitats.

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Water's Edge

Explore the incredible diversity of underwater invertebrates.

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Wings of the Tropics Standard Curriculum

Walk among free-flying butterflies in a tropical paradise.

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On-Site Classes Standard Curriculum

Butterfly Pavilion offers learning opportunities for schools and youth groups that are engaging, fun, and designed to tap the inner scientist in everyone.

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Outreach Classes Standard Curriculum

Butterfly Pavilion can bring a program directly to your school or community site.

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