Eco Learners Badge

Eco Learners Badge

Where nature education meets responsible exploration!

Welcome to the exciting Daisy Scout’s Leave No Trace Adventure! Our interactive program blends outdoor exploration, creative activities, and meaningful discussions to foster a deep respect for the environment and invertebrates – the tiny creatures that are vital to all life on earth. Join us as we embark on nature walks, create captivating nature circles, and learn to tread lightly while embracing the beauty around us. 

Badge requirements met:

  • Be prepared to protect nature before you go outdoors
  • Keep living things safe when you walk in nature
  • Learn how to protect nature from trash


  • $15 per scout
  • $10 per troop leader
  • We are also happy to provide you with the convenience of having the workshop at your location for a fee of $150 plus mileage ($0.67/mile)
All prices include admission to exhibits, groups must be a minimum of 10.