Garden Design and Consultation

Pollinator habitat makes for vibrant, thriving ecosystems.

Make your corporate headquarters, pollinator headquarters. Use the landscaping around your buildings to create a space that gives back to your environment, your employees, and your community by partnering with Butterfly Pavilion to design and build pollinator-friendly gardens.

Creating pollinator habitat on your corporate campus or property spotlights your organization’s future-facing focus and commitment to conservation. These thriving ecosystems provide much-needed habitat for the heroes upon which we depend but also benefit the surrounding community by allowing pollinators to pollinate properties up to two miles away. That’s a corporate responsibility story everyone can benefit from.

High-rise office gardenButterflies flying in city parkCivic Center garden, Denver, CO

Faced with the decline of habitat everywhere, pollinators are counting on us, the very beings who rely upon them. Butterfly Pavilion experts will analyze your existing garden or yard and develop detailed strategies to cultivate a visually stunning, flourishing garden teeming with a healthy pollinator population.

Butterfly Pavilion takes care of everything, including:

  • Expert analysis of your environment
  • Detailed plant care strategy to develop a thriving ecosystem
  • Creative design and layout
  • Maintenance and upkeep recommendations to provide beauty and habitat for years to come

Your organization benefits in countless ways, like:

  • Employee and company-wide pride
  • Credit for creating a community resource
  • Corporate social responsibility in action
  • Showcasing your commitment to conservation
  • A beautiful, thriving ecosystem on your property