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Garden Design and Consultation Residential

Support pollinators with something that will grow

Let’s build something beautiful and beneficial together.


Our garden design and consultation services will create a lasting legacy for your home or business.

Partnering with Butterfly Pavilion to create a beautiful garden filled with pollinator habitat is more than something beautiful— it supports the ecosystem of the entire neighborhood. Faced with the decline of habitat everywhere, pollinators are counting on us, the very beings who rely upon them. Butterfly Pavilion experts will analyze your existing garden or yard and develop detailed strategies to cultivate a visually stunning, flourishing garden teeming with a healthy pollinator population.

We take care of everything:

  • Stunning garden design and layout
  • Flora that will attract optimal pollinators
  • Education on the habitat and expected residents
  • Site assessment to determine pollinator habitat opportunities
  • Maintenance and irrigation recommendations so that your habitat can thrive
  • Comprehensive and informative plant lists focusing on native species
Wildflower garden residence
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