Gift of Stock

Donating a gift of appreciated stock is one of the most tax smart ways to support Butterfly Pavilion. Electronic delivery of stock shares is secure, expedient and provides efficient internal controls as well as cost savings.   

Benefits of Donating Stock: 

While capital gains taxes are 20% on long term stock holdings, donated stocks are exempt from capital gains taxes. Donors who make a gift of stock are still eligible to deduct the full fair market value of the donated assets from their income taxes, up to the amount allowed by the IRS. This means you can minimize your tax liability while supporting Butterfly Pavilion! Furthermore, the process is easy. We will sell the shares within 24 hours and send a receipt for the high, low, and mean worth of the shares. 


Here is How You Can Make a Gift of Stock:

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 Please contact us or ask your broker to reach out at for more information.