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Butterfly Pavilion's Pollinator Place is now closed. The space will reopen on Friday, May 3rd as our new Origins: Building Life exhibit!

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Habitat Restoration

Create the perfect pollinator habitat in public

Together, we can improve the places that exist all around us.

Public Space

The tiny giants upon which all living things rely, are facing unprecedented loss of habitat.

The public spaces that help humans thrive can help pollinators thrive. Power-grid corridors. Easements. Public–private partnerships. There are spaces all around us that could be doing more to bring balance between human development and pollinator populations. Each space is an opportunity for collaboration and conservation. Our experience in managing complex stakeholders — from both the public and private sectors — can help improve these public and private open spaces for pollinator habitat. Demonstrating leadership and community responsibility in a bold, new way.

If you have property that consists of open spaces, easements, or public access, we can help bring balance between human needs and pollinator populations. Pollinator habitat restoration services are ideal for spaces like:

Public Municipalities

  • Parks
  • Open Space Public

Private Partnerships

  • Utility companies
  • Water districts
  • Land Use Boards
  • Energy companies

City Governments
County Commissioners
City Planners

Public Works

  • Streetscapes

Home Owners Associations
Real Estate Developers
State Governments
Agriculture Industry

Wind turbine open space meadow
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