Honey bee Education

Butterfly Pavilion is a leader in pollinator conservation, including protection of honey bees and native bees. Why? Because bees play important roles in our food and natural systems, yet there are at risk. Explore this page to learn more about bees and how you can do your part to protect them and their environment!

Honey bees building honeycomb

What is a Honey Bee?

Honey bees are among the most fascinating creatures on our planet. Beyond just producing honey, these small but mighty pollinators play a critical role in supporting the health and abundance of our ecosystems and agricultural landscapes. They are much beloved by the public, frequently in the news, and often the subject of panic over what happens if they disappear. But what are honey bees?

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Residential Beehive Rentals

USDA Approves First Ever Vaccine for Honey Bees

The United States Department of Agriculture recently approved a conditional vaccine license for the first vaccine developed for honey bees. This is the first vaccine approved for any insect species in the United States.

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Honey bees flying into hive

Honey bee Collapse: What’s going on?

The year 2022-2023 witnessed the second-highest rate of American honey bee colony losses reported since record-keeping began in 2007. While the honey bee population itself remains stable due to beekeepers' efforts in establishing new colonies, it is crucial to address the underlying issues affecting bee health to ensure the long-term survival of honey bees and safeguard native pollinators as well.

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Volunteer for Community Science!

Sign up for a Community Science program or to volunteer at Butterfly Pavilion in honor of honey bees. Grab a friend or your family and assist our scientists in a nature adventure that will positively impact Colorado communities and help us save nature’s tiny giants!

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