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Hive Rental

Honeybee Hive Rental Commercial

The fruits of your labor grow sweeter

Reap the rewards of honey bee hives by partnering with Butterfly Pavilion.


Help build a healthy pollinating population that will benefit your entire community.

Facing the challenge of disappearing habitat, pollinators — particularly honey bees — are in need of all the habitat they can find. Including your place. Partnering with Butterfly Pavilion brings full honey bee hives, complete with the bees, to life on your property. We’ll set them up and maintain them, and your workforce shares the bounty — both the honey and the community pride of having provided habitat for pollinators on your property.

Benefits include:

  • 10 lbs of honey annually
  • Community engagement and cohesion
  • Pride of contributing to a healthy ecosystem of honey bee habitat
  • Pollination services
Beehive with no lid
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