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Hive Rental

Honeybee Hive Rental Residential

Bee the envy of the neighborhood

Beam with pride at giving the community something sweet to rally around.


Make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Honey bee hive rentals provide a point of pride for your yard and your community. The benefits go far beyond the honey. By partnering with Butterfly Pavilion to host a hive in your backyard, you’re providing a benefit for the entire community. Pollinators are essential for all life. Especially for anyone who wants to grow flowers, gardens, landscaping, and more. Pollinators face declines in population, due to habitat loss, pesticides, and other reasons. Hosting a hive impacts the neighborhood far beyond your backyard. You provide pollination for neighbors all around. Something the entire neighborhood can celebrate.

Bring your community together in support of the tiny giants upon which we all depend. Partnership with Butterfly Pavilion is seamless.

We handle all of the details, including:

  • Installing and maintaining the hive
  • Winterizing the hive
  • Harvesting the honey
Beehive with house
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