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Professional Development

Invite our team of professional science educators, scientists and inclusivity experts to help your organization achieve its goals.

butterfly perches on a small girl's finger

Educator Workshops

Workshops support professional development needs in a collaborative and fun environment. Each workshop is rich with vetted science content, science teaching methods skill-building and application, useful resources, and networking opportunities.

Butterfly Pavilion Workshops will:

  • Bolster your team’s science content knowledge
  • Expand skills with proven methods that make science learning fun and relevant
  • Increase teacher comfort with teaching science

Request a Butterfly Pavilion teacher workshop at Butterfly Pavilion or at Your Site!

Choose from titles below, which can be customized for workshop length, target grade range, and site. Descriptions below are based on an 8-hour agenda at Butterfly Pavilion.

For availability, pricing, and scheduling, please email:

Amazing Adaptations and Partnerships

Explore amazing adaptations and intricate partnerships from the invertebrate world through interactive science lessons. We’ll work with the 5E Model of Science Instruction to review the lessons and use the model to outline a lesson to use/adapt in your own classroom!

Beyond Butterflies

What creature(s) come to mind when you think of invertebrates? In this content-rich workshop, participants explore the amazing diversity of invertebrates, experience learning tools to tap curiosity, design a lesson to use/adapt, and discover incredible invertebrate diversity, butterflies and beyond!

Pollinators in Peril Series – Bees and Monarchs

NEW! If you an educator for children grades 3-6, this workshop is especially for you! Combining the strengths of distance learning, project-based learning, and citizen science, this workshop will empower you to connect your students with authentic science. Explore fascinating content about bees and monarchs, find out what scientists know about declining populations of these critical pollinators, and investigate citizen science projects that will have your students contributing to the body of knowledge and empowered to help reverse troubling trends for monarchs and bees.

Project WILD Workshops

Project WILD is a nationally recognized, award-winning curriculum supporting hands-on learning with activities teaching about wildlife, habitats, water resources, and more. Curriculum guides a filled with background content, vetted and time-tested activities, and a plethora of resources.

The Good, The Bad, The Bug-ly

What is it about invertebrates that attracts or repels us?  In this workshop, participants will use inquiry to challenge their own misconception-based fears and develop a new lens through which to empower learners to see, understand, and value invertebrates.

For availability, pricing, and scheduling, please email:


Inclusivity Workshops

Inclusivity in education, interpretation and the environmental movement is critical to building and maintaining thriving community spaces and a healthy planet for all. Each workshop will include exercises, discussions, reflection and planning sessions that will allow participants to become familiar with culturally competent approaches to community engagement, workplace inclusivity and project planning. These workshops are open to all but are presented with special attention to the challenges faced in the fields of Education, Parks and Recreation, Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums.

INDIVIDUAL CULTURAL COMPETENCY 101: Cultural competence is a key factor in enabling educators and interpreters to be effective with participants from cultures other than their own. Through a series of exercises, discussions and self-reflective activities participants will examine their personal cultural competence, increasing their ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with all people. Participants will develop awareness and build skills which will lead to increased ability to understand their cultural shaping as individuals and examine ways to be more inclusive in messaging and programming.

Virtual 3 hour program-  $600

POWER, PRIVILEGE, & OPPRESSION: Understanding privilege is a key component to anti-oppression work. This workshop explains privilege and how it operates. Participants will have had an opportunity to discuss openly topics of race, class, ability, oppression, and power/privilege  Participants learn how to successfully navigate privilege in society and professional workspaces.

Virtual 2 hour program – $400

EXAMINING UNCONSCIOUS BIAS: We all bring unconscious biases into the workplace. These deeply subconscious attitudes span race, gender, appearance, age, wealth and much more. They influence everything from the neighborhood you live in, to the employee you promote and the one you don’t. These biases are reflexively triggered without our knowledge, they are virtually unnoticeable. Our unconscious biases are hidden. Although we are unaware of them they influence our beliefs about and behavior toward others. This workshop focuses on the implicit attitudes or stereotypes that shape how we engage others and make decisions in the workplace.

3 hr virtual program – $600

Virtual Keynote Speech  – upon request


Please message with any inquiries around these programs or with any questions/concerns around payment.


Live Chrysalis Camera

See butterflies as they emerge in Butterfly Pavilion’s Wings of the Tropics!

Colorado Backyard

Butterfly Pavilion's newest interactive exhibit connects guests to the rich and diverse life that surrounds us, and inspires a greater commitment to conserve all of our natural treasures in Colorado and beyond.

Wings of the Tropics

Walk among free-flying butterflies in a tropical paradise.


Transport yourself to the Crawl-A-See-Em, home of Rosie the tarantula and other small wonders! Explore and learn about dozens of species of arthropods. Sharpen your observation skills as you discover animals hidden in their native habitats.

Water’s Edge

Explore the incredible diversity of underwater invertebrates.

Outdoor Gardens & Nature Trails

Explore the lifecycle of a Colorado ecosystem.

Daily Programs & Showtimes

There’s always something new to discover at Butterfly Pavilion! Join Butterfly Pavilion’s interpretive specialists to learn more about the amazing plants and animals at the zoo. Daily programs can include feeding demonstrations, animal encounters, guided tours, and interactive presentations.

Upcoming Events

Pollinator Plant Sale

Bring nature and fun to your home with a Butterfly Pavilion Pollinator Plant Pack.
There’s no better way to stay happy and healthy than to dig in the dirt and help something grow.

Who Needs a Habitat? (K-3rd grade suggested)

April 21st, 22nd & 23rd at 11 am
Join us for a virtual learning series, all about habitats!
Click here to register

The Coral Connection (all ages)

April 14th, 15th & 16th at 11 am
Join us for a virtual learning series, all about coral!
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