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To combat the spread of COVID-19, Butterfly Pavilion temporarily closed our doors to the public. This has been an incredibly difficult time for all of us, but the entire team at Butterfly Pavilion has been especially moved by the heart-felt messages of encouragement we have received from our community. Our members, donors and patrons have been sharing what inspires them to be involved with Butterfly Pavilion and why they are supporting our animals and employees through this very challenging time.

To help brighten the days of our supporters, we wanted to share some of the uplifting words of positivity we have received over the past few months. If you would like to share your message of support with us, please click here or scroll down to the bottom of this page!

If you would like to make a gift to help support Butterfly Pavilion during this trying time, please visit our web page for our Emergency Fund for Animal Care and Employee Assistance here.



“In Feb-Mar. 2017, I went to Mexico with Mary Ann Colley in a group co-sponsored by the Butterfly Pavilion and WWF (with Natural Habitat Adventures) to see where the monarchs overwinter. It was an incredibly wonderful trip.” Tim W. (Denver, CO.)

“Keep up your important work.” Susan Q. (Bellvue, CO.)

“My husband, Sam and I were married at the Pavilion on October 1st, 2011 in the rain forest. We had our reception in the ballroom and we had the opportunity to release butterflies as part of our wedding ceremony. We feel a special connection to the Butterfly Pavilion and blessed to have the Pavilion as part of our lives. We hope to visit you soon! Stay well and stay strong!” Jennifer and Sam. (Westminster, CO.)

“We have two kids (2 and 4) who love it there and we’re passionate about well-rounded childhood education and experiences. We’re friends with Butterfly Pavilion’s Board Chairman, Chad Schnieder, so we know that things are well managed, and the funds will be maximized for good.” Christopher C. (Boulder, CO)

“Praying for the health and safety of the Butterfly Pavilion family and all its members. Your work at this remarkable place is inspirational. Hang in there!” Connie W. (Lone Tree, CO.)

“The pandemic has challenged us all to wake up. Support the groups that are saving the natural world, a world filled with beautiful butterflies. There is no more time to wait, a wait for another day, which may never get here. The world needs people like you and your coworkers stay strong, stay focused. Thank you all so much.” Matt T. (Longmont, CO.)

“My inspiration to be involved with Butterfly Pavilion can be summed up simply by saying; it’s the small things that make a big difference. When I first started visiting may years ago, I was amazed that a such a small building right off the freeway could hold such large quantities of magic. I love that your staff champions the importance of invertebrates and helps others see that insects and other invertebrates are not nuisances to be exterminated but rather integral parts of our world. I am a social worker by trade and have always thought of ways to integrate the metaphors of the invertebrates and the natural world into my work with others as I have found them to speak loudly to those I am working with. The animals you care for allow my work to be more creative and supportive and I am greatly appreciative of that! I feel lucky that Butterfly Pavilion is in our community, the work you all are doing is invaluable. I am looking forward to the day when your doors can open, and your work can continue–outside of cyber space!! Until the doors are open, I hope you and yours stay well. In much gratitude.” Terri B. (Northglenn, CO)


“Our six-year-old son wants to make sure that the butterflies are fed while the Pavilion is closed.” Joanna R. (Boulder, CO)

“Over the years I have regularly visited the Butterfly Pavilion because I enjoy supporting the animals and educational spirit as well as the always cheerful staff. Last year I took the beekeeping bootcamp course, after falling head over heels for the little wonders. It was an easy choice to help support the Butterfly Pavilion and the staff during this time. I hope everyone is doing well and am thankful for the education, and memories of visits with friends and family. While it may not be available for visits now, I understand that the animals still take effort to maintain. I’m hoping we can return to normalcy soon, but thank you for providing virtual education in the meantime.” Erika S. (Westminster, CO)

“Please know how much we believe in Butterfly Pavilion and the valuable work you’re doing there. We know it’s a difficult time and it’s very rewarding for us to help friends and partners like you in any way that we can.” Wildlife Protection Solutions (Denver, CO)

“Our girls and we LOVE the Butterfly Pavilion. We look forward to visiting again someday soon!” Lark W. (Westminster, CO)

My son (a second grader) has been watching your on-line programs since the beginning of the stay at home order. We thought that your staff are doing a great job on these programs, so we are glad that the “Giving Tuesday” event gives us the chance to show our appreciation. Thank you and your staff for the programming at this difficult time.” Yuan H. (Lone Tree, CO)

“We have Enjoyed the Butterfly Pavilion for 2 decades, Thank You The live Bee hive on FB, with Mario Padilla was interesting & Fun, please thank all your Helper People that help make these ideas happen. Hopefully, our donation will help.” Carol C. (Wheat Ridge, CO)

“This gift is made in honor of Dr. Reading. He’s amazing!” Jo and Martin (Denver, CO)

“My family and I loved coming to the BP, it’s such a magical place, especially for young children. As my kids grew up, they studied entomology through the 4H program, so we all went from admiring butterflies to appreciating many different order and species of insects. I have a special soft spot for beetles, myself. The quantity and variety of species is amazing! The BP is a cultural and environmental treasure that has educated and inspired generations of visitors from around the world.” Tracey B. (Niwot, CO)

“I hope you’re doing well during this time. I am donating where I can, and my heart always goes out to animals, as they depend on us.” Sue R. (Arvada, CO)

“Missing Rosie!!” Sydney H. (Westminster, CO)

“We support the Butterfly Pavilion because we really love the work you do with pollinators, and your commitment to threatened species and habitats. I’ve only been to the Butterfly Pavilion twice but was fascinated each time and plan to return once things open up again. On one of our visits, we brought out of town guests, who were absolutely enchanted with you all. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work.” Allyson S. (Denver, CO)

“Thank you for all you do, and I hope the community supports you in these challenging times.” Sarah G. (Denver, CO)

“We’re only too happy as a PTO organization to be able to support the places that support our children! Keep on working to make a difference in the lives of our kiddos and we are all looking forward to the days when we can come to visit the Butterfly Pavilion again!” Blue Mountain Elementary (Longmont, CO)

“For Mother’s Day, I am putting this donation in the name of my mom who loves the Butterfly Pavilion!” Jean V. (Centennial, CO)

“Miss you all!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!” Norma and Don (Broomfield, CO)

“My son, Finn, has attended summer camp and the various school break camps for many years now. He has ADHD and anxiety issues, and the BP staff, especially Marissa, have been extremely patient and accommodating with Finn. He enjoys the familiarity of the camp, which makes him excited to return whenever he can, and this is not the norm for him. Also, Finn has gotten to know the various staff members over the years and enjoys seeing the familiar faces. I like that he is learning something as opposed to playing all day, and he has impressed me with his knowledge of the animal kingdom (not just butterflies and bugs!) and nature. BP has been a steady and positive presence in our lives now so long! In fact, Finn is hoping to volunteer as a counselor after this year. He will age out of camp this summer at 12, so he is really hoping he can attend at least some camp sessions this summer. 🙁 I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him!)” Kristin L. (Arvada, CO)

“Thanks for the bee presentation today!” Suzy B. (Boulder, CO)

“Thank you for taking care of the animals!” Ann H. (Kenmore, WA)

“That Kathryn Hokamp is awesome!” Wanda F. (Frederick, MD)

“Special thanks to Amy Yarger for her work and mentorship of volunteers.” Martha J. (Arvada, CO)

“This gift is being made in honor of Mike Sipes. Mike was a volunteer at the Pavilion and was also a longtime member and leader of the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT). We are deeply saddened by his passing but are happy to support one of the institutions loved so much.” National Association of Biology Teachers (Colorado Springs, CO)

“I moved here from eastern Pennsylvania two years ago and almost the first thing I did was join the Butterfly Pavilion. I have been fascinated by butterflies and moths all my life and would like to photograph some of the western species. I have a large digital collection of professional level pictures of all stages of growth of eastern butterflies and moths. Some of the best are of the giant Saturnids. I’d be glad to share them with the Pavilion.” Reno U. (Denver, CO)

“I miss you all! I know times are tough, hang in there.” Mackenzie M. (Denver, CO)

“Miss you! hope you can open sometime soon!” Lori H. (Mead, CO)

“My donation to the Butterfly Pavilion just reflects my caring and love for creatures great and small. I have been a Denver Zoo volunteer for 23 years and found this to be a place that shares my connection with people, animals and my love of constantly learning. The Butterfly Pavilion has always been a unique environment showing off the many forms of nature and those same attributes. It has animals and exhibits that some people may not always pay attention to for one reason or another, but they deserve our love and respect too because they are just as important as the larger animals I see at the Zoo. I also want to support a venue who collaborates their efforts with one of my friend’s non-profits (KACF) in building the Beehive Fences in Nepal helping to mitigate human animal conflict.”

“Happy Giving Tuesday. Stay safe, keep going!” Tony M. (Greenville, OH)

“Hope this helps a little.” Todd C. (Arvada, CO)

“Keep those bugs going strong!” Tristan C. (Denver, CO)

“I’m happy to share what inspires me about the Butterfly Pavilion. I love sitting in the butterfly sanctuary because I find it to be a peaceful oasis of nature in the middle of the suburbs. It helps me feel more connected to nature in a day-to-day world that can feel very disconnected from nature. I’m inspired by the smell of rain and plants – I find it to be incredibly peaceful. It helps put things in perspective for me. I’m thinking of you and all those working at the Butterfly Pavilion in this time of need.” Heather T. (Arvada, CO)

“My children miss the butterflies so much!!!! We all love the Butterfly Pavilion. We love that we can go many times and see different things every time. My kids love learning about all of the bugs and they love the play area. But most of all we love the enthusiasm of the staff. I think it’s David and Alex (they look very similar to each other) They are just wonderful. We learn so much from them and they got my kids to eat bugs. I wish we could donate more! I personally love the butterfly room and I could sit there all day…if the kids would let me ?Katharine S. (Thornton, CO)

“I hope everyone is hanging in there and ya’all stay safe.” Charlie M. (Denver, CO)

“As a former volunteer and employee of the Butterfly Pavilion, I’ve seen firsthand what a magical place it can be. Not only has it always given me, an amateur entomologist, so much insight into the world of invertebrates and been a constant source of inspiration – where else can you go in Colorado to see so many incredible bug friends from all over the world? – it’s also a place where kids and adults alike can connect to science, conservation, and the wonderful world of arthropods. I’ve seen the faces of first graders and octogenarians light up when I taught them about butterfly eating habits or about Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, and helping folks face their fear of spiders when helping them hold Rosie never got old. The Butterfly Pavilion remains not only a significant part of my career journey, but also a continued place of awe and wonder for me.” Alicia S. (Loveland, CO)

“I used to volunteer here, and it was some of the best couple of summers I’ve had! Thank you to the Butterfly Pavilion Team and the wonderful animals’ you guys protect!” Eden T. (Denver, CO)

“Hang in there Butterfly Pavilion! We love you. Big hugs to Patrick and the rest of the staff.” Rachel and Greg (Dunedin, FL)

“I hope I could help in a small way. I’ve been a volunteer butterfly monitor since 2012, so your programs are dear to my heart. I think all of us are looking forward to a time when things can safely return to normal. In the meantime I am lucky that monitoring is an option, once the weather warms up. All my best to you and everyone at the Pavilion.” Lisa T. (Littleton, CO)

“We are thinking of you at this very difficult and stressful time. We support the Butterfly Pavilion and its future, and we look forward to seeing you before too long. Hope this little bit helps some.” Kathy and Steve (Greenwood Village, CO)

“Wishing you all the best and stay strong.” Sharon G. (Boynton, FL)

“Thank you to all those who inspired my son as a teen volunteer. His work at the BP has inspired him in his high school senior projects and led him to an amazing gap year project at the Manu Learning Center located in the Amazon of Peru. You’ll be happy to know my son is safely home from his 6 months of service. A heartfelt thank you for all you do for the community.” Cathy S. (Boulder, CO)

“I am supporting the Pavilion because I am a Larimer County Master Gardener and butterflies are one of the pollinators. They are slowly disappearing, and I have very few now even though I have a garden full of their choices of flowers.” Bonnie H. (Fort Collins, CO)

“I’m a new comer to the Butterfly Pavilion, discovering it in June last year and joining. I brought different visitors with me: sister moving to Denver; niece and nephew visiting; dear friend visiting. We all loved your facility and the opportunity to commune with the butterflies and, for me and my nephew, to hold Rosie! We who love nature all wish we could do more to support the important work you all are doing, especially now. Please let your wonderful, informative staff know that I and my family appreciate their dedication and work and look forward to visiting as soon as we are allowed!” Kim H. (Evergreen, CO)

“Patrick, Thank you for everything you do, we think of you often.” Mary and Bob (Broomfield, CO).

“Dear Patrick, Sara Stevens and the amazing staff of the Butterfly Pavilion, Our family has really enjoyed the relationship we have developed with Sara Stevens and other members of the BP over the last year. We have been amazed by the dedication, drive and passion that everyone exhibits. We can’t wait to get back into the BF and use our family pass. Wishing you all good health and peace during this difficult time.” Kelly D. (Louisville, CO)

“Best of luck !” Bob T. (Berthoud, CO)

“In loving memory of my sister, who loved butterflies.” Margaret C. (Baton Rouge, LA)

“I actually had the opportunity to visit in March of last year. My dear friend Claire Buckley works at the Butterfly Pavilion and I wanted to show some support since we had such a wonderful time during our tour. We especially enjoyed Rosie the tarantula. Fingers crossed we can return to Denver soon and this time bring our son!” Liidia L. (Forest Hills, NY)

“This is in Memorium of Addie Russell, a lover of nature and turtles.” Mark J. (Westminster, CO)

“ I grew up with the Butterfly Pavilion and would hate to see this catastrophe be the downfall of such a unique institution. As far as what inspired me to donate (despite it being so little), is that the Butterfly Pavilion is one of a few places around town that I like to visit for introspection and inspiration for artistic pursuits. The outside gardens and Wings of the Tropics are particularly helpful for me. I also love that you try to inspire a love of invertebrates in everyone—especially children—when these essential, incredible animals are so often forgotten or neglected because they are less cuddly than some of the poster children species for conservation efforts. Every staff member and volunteer I have interacted here with over the years has been so friendly and helpful, and I want them and the animals they care for to be well and safe during these uncertain times. My monetary donation isn’t much, but I hope that it can help, even if it is just a little.” Amethyst J. (Westminster, CO)

“My family and I are creature lovers and in this time of struggling I believe it is important to support that community as best I can. We have many favorites at the Pavilion; like the bees and spiders. But amongst the many is doing peaceful yoga in butterflies. I hope all is well, take care!” Shelia G. (Thornton, CO)

“Eleanor is our almost-seven-year-old daughter. Normally our kids give a dollar to church every weekend. With no mass, we’ve asked them to pick a local organization that they could support. Eleanor always enjoys the Butterfly Pavilion. She loves seeing all of the butterflies and touching the sea stars. We wish everyone at the Butterfly Pavilion well during these uncertain times.” Kristen H. (Lafayette, CO)

“We look forward to visiting again once you reopen!” Jacqueline B. (Westminster, CO)

“Keep us posted on how your business is doing. Our kids love going there.” Andrew B. (Westminster, CO)

“We appreciate what you do, and you and your team are in our thoughts during these trying times.” Rob C. (Denver, CO)

“Thank you for your work, stay safe everyone!” Dianne C. (Golden, CO)

“Best thoughts for staff and other “living things” during this challenging time.” Lillian C. (Longmont, CO)

“I hope this helps.” Jennifer F. (Telluride, CO)

“Thank you for taking care of the animals!!” Ari R. (Littleton, CO)

“Mary Anne is the best.” Michael B. (Lone Tree, CO)

“I wish I could do more, bless your work and stay healthy/safe!” Katherine H. (Northglenn, CO)

“Our family enjoys visiting your beautiful establishment every Spring Break. While it is impossible to do that now, we want to support in any way we can so that one day we can all celebrate your reopening.” Jennifer H. (Colorado Springs, CO)

“Thank you for trying to keep this incredible place alive and for trying to care for your employees during this difficult time.”

“I’ve only lived in Colorado for a year and a half, but the Butterfly Pavilion has played a huge role in my life since day one! It was the first place I visited after signing my lease and I ended up getting engaged at the pavilion (with a butterfly on my head) last March. Since then, we’ve taken maternity photos there and brought our little dude on two field trips to meet the butterflies. Thank you for doing what you do!” Amy K. (Golden, CO)

“Hope this helps.” Theresa L. (Westminster, CO)

Thank you for the beautiful distractions.” Jessica C. (Arvada, CO)

“I have special affection for a stellar employee — Charnell Parker McMullen-Bushman. Because of her, we wish to send this gift.” Lauri S. (Cary, NC)

“Thank You for watching after the wonderful creatures in your care … Hugs to Rosie :-)” Tim S. (Boulder, CO)

“My children have attended summer camp at the Butterfly Pavilion for the past 3 years and loved it. I’m grateful for the fun and learning you’ve provided and hope to see you again this summer!” Kristen W. (Brighton, CO)

“Thanks for everything you do!” Margo S. (Missoula, MT)

“It is now time to stand up as a human being and change the world for the better”. Thank you for all of your efforts, you take care too.”

“I love taking my own kids as well as those I nanny during the summer. I work in education for the duration of the school year and I love that my kids can have real, hands-on learning while there and it all feels like play.”

“I no longer live in the area but used to be a member, I would go in there when I was healing from some very challenging intrapersonal things. I found the beauty and love of the butterflies and the joy of the children, families, and people around so wonderful. You all have created something beautiful and worth being on this planet. I am grateful to support even in the small way I could.”

“Good luck during these uncertain times. We love to visit.” Denice K. (Golden, CO)

“We live very close to the Butterfly Pavilion and feel that you are part of the community. We have been members for some time now and have always enjoyed visiting. I am not sure how much detail you are looking for here but I will tell you a small bit. In January of 2019, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 9 to 12 months to live. No doctor in Colorado would even treat me. I would go to the Pavilion and sit with the butterflies and it was very peaceful for me. It reminded me how much beauty there was in the world. That actually made me equal parts sad and happy. But, for a moment I was able to escape my life and think about something other than my cancer. The smiles and the warm greetings from the staff would lift my spirits even when they had no idea they were doing it. Long story short, I did find a doctor and experimental treatment in Pittsburgh and I am now miraculously cancer-free. The first place I went after treatment was the Butterfly Pavilion. So, there is definitely a special place in my heart for the staff, the animals (the octopus and turtle are my favorites), and even the foliage. I hope that you all remain safe during this difficult time and we can all get back to normal life soon. I have been so blessed in so many ways. One of those ways was being able to continue to work while so many cannot. So, I am compelled to try and help others who cannot. We love and appreciate everything you do. Our thoughts are with you and the animals during this difficult time.” Dianne E. (Westminster, CO)



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