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Butterfly Pavilion Celebrates Monarch Butterflies with the Return of “Monarch Magic” November 1 – 30, 2022  

Visitors Will Experience an Enchanting and Educational Walk Among Hundreds of Monarch Butterflies, while Supporting Conservation Efforts   

Westminster, CO, October 21, 2022 — Butterfly Pavilion celebrates the return of one of its most beloved events, Monarch Magic opening on November 1 with a release of more than 300 monarch butterflies in the Wings of the Tropics butterfly conservatory and running through November 30. Easily recognized by their large and vibrant orange wings, monarchs are a beloved and iconic species, a joy in every Colorado garden and the face of pollinators everywhere.  


And now, visitors can walk among hundreds of them at Butterfly Pavilion within a tropical landscape filled with exotic blooms while learning about their vital role in sustaining a healthy ecosystem that is necessary for the survival of all life on earth.   


“We have found that exposing people to invertebrate species, such as monarchs, and providing them education in an enchanting, magical natural environment, it can help foster a new appreciation and understanding for the work that is required to protect them,” said Patrick Tennyson, President and CEO, Butterfly Pavilion. “And Butterfly Pavilion is one of the only places in Colorado that people can see them up close and personal as they flutter all around them in our butterfly conservatory.” 


Monarchs carry out one of the most incredible cross-continental journeys in the animal kingdom, travelling upwards of 3,000 miles from Canada and the northern United States to the oyamel fir forests in the mountains of Mexico.  

A Cultural Tradition 

By supporting native monarch populations, we’re not only keeping an important pollinator population healthy, but also helping preserve unique cultural traditions. These butterflies hold an especially significant spot as one of the essential symbols in the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Every year, Monarch butterflies arrive at their overwintering grounds in Central Mexico by November 1st.  

For this reason, they have been deeply tied with cultural traditions in the area. The arrival of the Monarchs is seen as the souls of beloved deceased friends and family and allows for the celebration of life and a day of remembrance.  

“We celebrate this cultural tradition through Monarch Magic by opening our doors and providing a unique, unforgettable and enchanted experience for all.” Said, Tennyson.  “Guests of Butterfly Pavilion will not only leave with more knowledge about these magical butterflies, but with a little more magic and wonder in their heart.”   

Dates/Times: November 1 – 30, 2022 

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Daily  


Tickets: Included in price of general admission. 

Visit to purchase tickets.  


Where:       Butterfly Pavilion 

6252 W. 104th Ave Westminster, CO 


About Butterfly Pavilion 

Founded in July 1995 and accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in 2014, Butterfly Pavilion is the first accredited, stand-alone, non-profit invertebrate zoo in the world, occupying a 30,000-square foot facility situated on an 11-acre campus provided by the City of Westminster, Colorado. Butterfly Pavilion’s mission is to foster an appreciation of butterflies and other invertebrates while educating the public about the need for conservation of threatened habitats in the tropics and around the world. Learn more at