Professional Services

Butterfly Pavilion’s Professional Services bring decades of experience and scientific expertise directly to your home or business to create customized, thriving, and sustainable spaces and solutions.

Beehive Rental and Management

Experience everything from joy to relaxation to satisfaction by establishing healthy honeybee populations at your home or office. Let Butterfly Pavilion handle all the details of installing and maintaining the hive, ensuring bees’ health, winterizing the hive and harvesting the honey. Foster your own happiness and well-being while contributing to a thriving ecosystem for all of us: bees from your hive will contribute essential pollination services to your community and make a positive impact on environmental sustainability.

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Pollinator Habitat Garden Design

Start a garden from scratch or rejuvenate an existing space! Our experts begin with a detailed analysis of your site to determine the best strategy to cultivate a flourishing environment. We then apply seasoned, cutting-edge, creative design for visually stunning environments using native plant species that contribute to a thriving ecosystem to be enjoyed for years to come.

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Scientific Talks from our Speaker’s Bureau

Explore the fascinating lives of bees, pollination and backyard beekeeping. Learn how to design and foster a thriving aquatic environment indoors. Discover how to develop a stunning garden that attracts butterflies, bees and other essential invertebrates. Our scientists can speak on a range of topics that will help you explore the wonders of animals, habitats and how you can engage in their care and conservation.

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