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Pollinator District Consultation

Pollinator District Consultation Services

Butterfly Pavilion offers consulting services to organizations to improve conservation and habitats for pollinating insects and other species.

Pollinator populations, from bees to butterflies, are in decline because of habitat destruction, chemical pollution, parasites and pathogens. In response to these challenges, Butterfly Pavilion is lending its unique expertise to create Pollinator Districts, or communities committed to conserving and improving habitat for pollinators in all aspects of development and operation. Pollinator Districts engage all the people who live, work and play in these spaces, encouraging them to experience nature and build a greater appreciation for these critical species and their habitats.

Butterfly Pavilion's Approach

Our team of pollinator experts will set up a consultation to provide guidance, plan projects and implement Pollinator Districts customized to your specific needs. We support you from initial concept through post-construction maintenance and monitoring, up to and including Pollinator District Certification, showing your stakeholders that you care about pollinators.

Butterfly Pavilion will consult with existing landscape architects and maintenance companies, as well as design and build turnkey solutions for you including:


  • Community education
  • Pollinator habitat design
  • Pollinator habitat installation
  • Pollinator habitat maintenance and training
  • Pollinator habitat restoration
  • Pollinator District Certification
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