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Spiders Around the World

Spiders Around the World

OCT 1 – 31

Limited-Time Exhibition
Exclusively at Butterfly Pavilion

Just in time for Halloween, spiders are arriving from around the globe this October for a limited-time engagement, Spiders Around the World, exclusively at Butterfly Pavilion. Engage with stunning, vibrant, and awe-inspiring tarantulas and walk amongst visually striking, exquisite, and free-roaming Orb Weavers spinning their intricate webs in Spider Zone!

This year’s Halloween-inspired spider collection showcases more than 20 different tarantula species from across the globe as the Colombian Pumpkin Patch Tarantula and the Sapphire Ornamental tarantula to get in the Halloween spirit! Meanwhile, extraordinary spiders like the African Rear-Horned Baboon and the Mexican Red Leg Tarantula will encourage guests to view invertebrates with curiosity and wonder, not fear.

Butterfly Pavilion also invites guests to engage with some new friends in Spider Zone, an exotic enclosure filled with hundreds of free-roaming orb-weaving spiders, the Zone, is eight times larger than in 2022, at 80-feet it takes over a third of the Wings of the Tropics ’s butterfly conservatory.  Inhabited with weavers, including Malaysian species as big as a human hand, guests walk amongst spiders with no separation, and get up-close with them and their intricate webs. Discover their brilliance and significance during this special exhibition celebrating spiders and the incredible impact they make in our world.

Itsy-Bitsy Spiderling Nursery

Visitors have the exciting opportunity to meet the offspring of Rosie! New on display in October, spiderlings from four distinct tarantula species, all born in the Butterfly Pavilion’s laboratory as part of a special breeding program. This captivating exhibit is sure to enchant visitors of all ages!

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Bug-A-Boo Returns for Spiders Around the World!

 (included with admission)

Oct. 21 & 22 and Oct. 28 & 29 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

What better way to spend time with the little ones this Halloween season than with a fun Trick-or-Treating experience among butterflies and other tiny creatures in a safe, warm, indoor environment? Bug-A-Boo at Butterfly Pavilion has become an annual tradition, especially for families with toddlers who are seeking a new and hassle-free way to enjoy the holiday. The facility is easily walked by kids of all ages and offers parents an ideal opportunity to combine Trick-or-Treating with an educational experience.

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Spiders Around the World Member Night

Join the Spider Conservation Carnival at Butterfly Pavilion's Spiders Around the World Member Night!

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Programs and Camps!

Don't miss out on spooktacular October programming including Fall Camps, Adult-only and Family Flashlight Tours, Tarantula Shadow Box workshop, and more!

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Spider Research & Conservation

Did you know that Butterfly Pavilion is involved in tarantula conservation efforts around the world to help protect and conserve different species of tarantulas? Click the link below to learn more about our important efforts!

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