SAFE North American Monarch's Program

The Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) North American Monarch program is a conservation effort from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) with goals to increase awareness, education, and positive action for monarch conservation and help reduce threats to monarch butterflies.

Monarchs flying near pine tree

Butterfly Pavilion is an Association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited nonprofit invertebrate zoo in Colorado with the mission of fostering an appreciation of invertebrates by educating the public about the need to protect and care for threatened habitats globally while conducting research for solutions in invertebrate conservation.

Butterfly Pavilion supports AZA SAFE through our many programs that help protect and conserve monarchs and all pollinators:

  • Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network (CBMN) is a statewide community-driven program where volunteers help us monitor and collect data on adult butterfly abundance and distribution across the state. Last year, more than 550 hours were donated to butterfly monitoring from community members across the state of Colorado!
  • Through Butterfly Pavilion’s Urban Prairies Project (UPP), another community science program that provides volunteers an opportunity to help restore habitat in open and urban spaces that will attract pollinators.  Milkweed (the monarch host plant) restoration efforts include the distribution of over two pounds of locally collected milkweed seeds that are shared with the general public throughout the year.
  • In our Healthy Habitat Gardening Program habitat restoration efforts, more than 200 native plants providing nectar, shelter, and host resources for monarchs were planted in rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities throughout Colorado through the Healthy Habitats Gardening Program initiative.
  • Monarch Magic takes place all November where Butterfly Pavilion hosts a celebration and exhibit filled with hundreds of monarch butterflies in our Wings of the Tropics butterfly conservatory. The event was launched in partnership with the Mexican Cultural Center as a celebration of the cultural significance of the monarch butterfly in addition to its ecological significance. 

Want to get involved? Browse the links below to learn more about AZA’s SAFE North American monarch’s program or become a community scientist at Butterfly Pavilion through our Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network!



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Monarch Conservation

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced it has added migratory monarchs to its “Red List” as endangered. What does this mean? What does the future look like for monarchs? Learn all about it here!

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Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network

Become a community scientist at Butterfly Pavilion through our Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network!

Colorado Butterfly Monitoring
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Community Science Partner Programs

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