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Butterfly Pavilion's Pollinator Place is now closed. The space will reopen on Friday, May 3rd as our new Origins: Building Life exhibit!

Rosie's Discovery Summer Camps at Butterfly Pavilion

Join us for Rosie's Discovery Summer Camps!

Junior Zookeeper 
June 3-7 and July 22-26 
Immerse yourself in the world of a zookeeper and experience what they do every day at Butterfly Pavilion! 

Aquatic Adventures 
June 10-14 and July 8-12 
Explore the world of aquatic animals and ecosystems in this adventure-filled camp!  

Powerful Pollinators 
June 17-21 
Explore the world of pollinators and discover their superpowers and why we rely on them!  Did you know that we wouldn’t have chocolate without them?  

Buzzing Bites 
June 17-21 at Westminster Swim and Fit 
Embark on a flavorful journey to discover the vital role of pollinators in our food system. From beekeeping to gardening, this immersive experience will transform the way you see and savor your meals. 

Pollinator Garden Adventure 
June 10-14 at Westminster Swim and Fitness Center 
Let’s get our hands dirty as we discover the buzzing world of pollinators and their habitats. Join us as we learn the essentials of gardening and the importance of pollination as we create our very own pollinator garden. 

Bug Bonanza
July 1- Bug Bonanza Day One (Myriapod Mania)
Join us as we explore the exciting universe of centipedes, millipedes, and other multiple-legged marvels.
July 2- Bug Bonanza Day Two (Crustacean Crusaders)
Dive deep into the world of crustaceans from marine coasts to freshwater creeks, and even your own backyard!
July 3- Bug Bonanza Day Three (Insect Invasion)
Get ready for an insect invasion, where we explore and discover the diverse and incredible lives of insects around the world!  

Bug Builders
June 24-28 at Westminster Swim and Fit
July 22-27 at Stellar Elementary School 
Discover how nature’s smallest creatures create incredible structures and inspire today’s latest technology. Experience hands-on learning and compete in engineering design challenges to see if you’re smarter than a bug! 

Creatures, Myths, and Legends 
July 8-12 at Stellar Elementary School 
Where did the stories of sea monsters like the Kraken come from? What other real-life creatures have inspired some of our favorite tales? Join us as we explore cultural stories, myths, and legends centered around some of our most charismatic creatures!   

Buzzing Bites 
July 15-19 at Stellar Elementary, and July 29-August 3 at CSU Spur 
Embark on a flavorful journey to discover the vital role of pollinators in our food system. From beekeeping to gardening, this immersive experience will transform the way you see and savor your meals. 

River Quest 
August 5-9 at CSU Spur 
Junior scientists will unravel the mysteries of freshwater ecosystems while fostering a deep appreciation for all the life in the water around us.

Butterfly Pavilion’s Rosie’s Discovery Camps are designed to provide memorable experiences that connect kids to nature and encourage an appreciation for science and invertebrates, the tiny creatures that make the world work!

All Butterfly Pavilion camps feature…

  • Hands-on activities that are engaging, informative, appeal to a variety of interests and abilities. 
  • Opportunities to explore Butterfly Pavilion and experience the plants and animals that call it home. 
  • Fun and exciting topics representing a range of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) disciplines. 
  • Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced counselors who will inspire, and care for, your camper. 
  • Content is intended for children ages 5-12 years old during the school year and 5-12 years old during the summer. 

Camp Pricing 

  • Please note: Payment is due at the time of registration. Scholarships are available for up to 25% of camp cost for qualifying students. If you are applying for a scholarship, you must fill out the scholarship application form. 
  • Out-of-School Day Camps are sold as one-day camps, Spring Break and Summer Break are sold as week-long camps. 
    • Full Day 9am-4pm: Non-member: $75, member $60 
    • Full Week 9am-4pm: Non-member: $305, member $275 

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations with at least 3 weeks notice will be charged a 10% processing fee, and the remainder of the cost will be refunded to the customer. All cancellations and transfers must be made via e-mail to the Camp Director at least 3 weeks before the date of the camp and will be charged a 10% processing fee, with the remainder of the cost refunded to the customer. Transfers may only be made into camps that still have availability. No refund is given for cancellation with less than 3 weeks notice. This includes absence due to illness. A full refund will be given to the customer if the Butterfly Pavilion cancels a camp for any reason. 
  • *Please note, we close camp registration one week before the start date of camp. You will not be able to sign up for camps after registration closes. Thank you for your understanding. * 

Medication at Camp

  • If your child requires emergency, prescription, or over-the-counter medication during camp, a parent/guardian and the child’s physician must complete and submit the appropriate Colorado Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan, Colorado Asthma Care Plan, and/or Medication Administration form two weeks prior to your child’s first day of camp. Upon review of your camper’s forms, it may be necessary to meet with the parent/guardian to develop a Health Plan.

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Summer Camp Awards

Butterfly Pavilion’s Summer Camps was the winner of the 2022 NBC/Channel 9’s “9News Cool Schools” Award!