4th-5th Grade Field Trips

What's That Bug

This class empowers your students to become true invertebrate explorers! Our hands-on course ignites young scientists' curiosity as they sharpen their observational skills and harness valuable resources to identify live invertebrates. Watch your students take on the role of bug detectives, unraveling the secrets of classification. Sign up now to unlock their passion for science and let them embark on a thrilling journey of discovery!

Amazing Adaptations

Unlock the wonder of nature and set your students on an exhilarating journey of invertebrate discovery! Our immersive class invites young scientists to embark on an adventure filled with questions, live invertebrates, captivating models, and fascinating specimens. In this engaging class, students will unveil the incredible world of invertebrate adaptations and uncover how these remarkable features help animals to not only survive but thrive in their unique habitats.

Pollinator Pals

While bees and butterflies often take center stage, it's time to shine a spotlight on the hidden heroes of pollination! Get ready to introduce your students to a vibrant world of diverse pollinators, both globally and right in their very own backyard. From beautiful beetles to secretive nocturnal moths, 'Pollinator Pals' will reveal the astonishing tapestry of creatures responsible for keeping our ecosystems and food sources thriving. Don't miss out on this fascinating journey – sign up now and let your students become pollinator partners!