Protecting Pollinators

Pollinators are in trouble. Through our Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education (PACE) initiative, we’re working to save them.

From large agricultural crops to local vegetable gardens, pollinators are vital to food sources and the reproduction of native plants. In fact, it’s estimated that one out of every three bites of food eaten worldwide is a result of pollinators. However, pollinator populations, from bees to butterflies, are in decline because of habitat destruction, chemical pollution, parasites and pathogens. It’s urgent that we take action to protect them for the future!

Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education (PACE) is a global initiative led by Butterfly Pavilion to increase awareness of the importance of pollinators and promote habitat and species conservation. PACE programs include habitat restoration projects, education programs for adults and children, community science opportunities, and more.

Pollinator Districts

A new era of development, with pollinators at the center.

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Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network

Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network (CBMN) is a community science project that harnesses the power of volunteers to conserve Colorado butterflies. Volunteers observe and count butterflies in open spaces and parks multiple times per season, gathering essential data that land managers can use when making conservation decisions.

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Urban Prairies Project

The Urban Prairies Project (UPP) improves the ecological health of urban and suburban open spaces in the City and County of Broomfield, the City of Westminster and beyond, while providing opportunities to engage community volunteers in habitat conservation for pollinators and other wildlife. The project is a partnership between Butterfly Pavilion and local open space departments throughout the Front Range.

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Colorado Pollinator Network

Colorado Pollinator Network was established in 2016 with a mission to bring organizations together to work collaboratively to conserve, protect and create pollinator habitat while educating communities across the state of Colorado to protect our pollinators.

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Local Hive Honey

Local Hive Honey, a leading producer of high quality, U.S. only raw and unfiltered honey headquartered in Greeley Colorado, has a mission to promote pollinators and sustainable bee farms across the country. To fulfill that mission, Local Hive Honey donates a portion of proceeds from every bottle sold to Butterfly Pavilion’s PACE initiative which aims to promote and protect the prosperity of pollinators worldwide.

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Habitat Gardening

Habitat gardens like those at Butterfly Pavilion make a big difference to the local environment. By including plants and other elements that provide food, water and shelter, a habitat garden supplements and enhances existing resources for pollinators and other wildlife.

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Healthy Habitats Gardening Program

Healthy Habitats Gardening Program provides social, cognitive, psychological, and physical benefits to older adults at memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation facilities across the Denver metro area. Over the course of a year, participants at selected facilities will learn about habitat gardening, engage in horticulture therapy, and enjoy the butterflies and blooms.

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