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Please be advised: Butterfly Pavilion will be closing early on Sunday, March 3 at 2:00 p.m. with last admission at 1:15 p.m.

Family Science Nights

Introducing Butterfly Pavilion’s new monthly Family Science Nights for only $5 per person!

5:30 – 7:30 p.m. on the 5th of every month! 

Experience Family Science Nights at Butterfly Pavilion for the unbeatable price of $5 per person! At these events, you can explore our exhibits after hours and enjoy self guided activities at themed stations scattered through the exhibits! As a bonus, upon completing all activities, each family member earns a special sticker and enjoys a 10% discount in our gift shop! Make your family nights memorable with our affordable and educational after-hours experience! Registration required! Ticket sales will close at 6:30pm on the day of the event, and admission to the event will also end at that time.

Every month is a new theme, check the list below and pre-register tickets for the nights you want to attend!

March 5: Women in STEM

  • What do you think a scientist looks like? During the activities of this event, you will experience many ways to become a scientist and learn about STEM by interpreting our exhibits through a whole new lens!

April 5: Unlikely Friendships

  • Did you know lots of invertebrates are friends with vertebrates? Discover the unlikely friendship pairings between animals like tarantulas and frogs, or otters and urchins!

May 5: How do invertebrates take care of humans?

  • Invertebrates play an important role in making the earth a safe and healthy place for humans to live! Explore all the ways invertebrates living in all different habitats make this world a better place!

June 5: Pollinators and Plants: A Story of Coevolution

  • How did plants and pollinators become so reliant on each other? Discover the stories of pollinators and plants through the lens of coevolution!

July 5: What’s for Dinner?

  • Explore the intricate food webs of the invertebrate world!

August 5: The Patterns of Nature

  • Discover the patterns and repetitions we see throughout all species!

September 5: Invertebrate Creations!

  • Invertebrates are hard at work, and they aren’t just making honey! Find out what else invertebrates spend their time making!

October: No Family Science Night!

November 5: Migration Magic!

  • Invertebrates are on the move – but where are they going? Learn all about habitats, geography, mapping and more!

December 5: The Myths and Legends of Invertebrates

  • Story telling through the exhibits! Invertebrates have been the subject of lore through the ages – learn the stories create your own!

  • Non-members: $5.00
  • Members: $4.50
  • There is a maximum of 250 participants, so purchase tickets now!