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A BioBlitz is a short, intense biological survey that aims to record as many species in a specific area as possible. Butterfly Pavilion researchers are experienced in surveying for invertebrates and we often work with partners to perform BioBlitzes around Colorado.

Invertebrate BioBlitzes usually consist of one day of intense fieldwork and weeks to months of specimen preservation and identification. Butterfly Pavilion experts lead these BioBlitzes then identify and analyze the invertebrates sampled so that we have an inventory of our native invertebrates and can monitor changes to these communities before and after restoration efforts.   

Since 2019, we have participated in the Colorado State University SPUR Bioblitz to survey sites along the South Platte River near the site of CSU’s new SPUR campus. Butterfly Pavilion leads teams of students and volunteers in aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate collection and later identifies the specimens in our on-site lab. We have collected many interesting species of ground beetles, native bees, and even crayfish! Through this work, we aim to track how invertebrate populations change as this site is restored by CSU through trash cleanups and invasive species removal.   

In 2022, we will participate in a BioBlitz at the Sand Creek Greenway with community volunteers. We will collect and identify macroinvertebrates to gain an understanding of what visitors to the Sand Creek Greenway may see along the trail.


If you are interested in assisting Butterfly Pavilion in invertebrate research and conservation, you can join one of our community science projects. Butterfly Pavilion leads multiple community science projects in Colorado in which volunteers collect data on invertebrates and natural resources to monitor our ecosystem health and inform conservation decisions . 


Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network 

Butterfly Pavilion leads a long-term community science project to gather essential data about butterfly populations in Colorado to inform land management decisions and promote local butterfly conservation 

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Dragonfly Monitoring 

Butterfly Pavilion leads a community science project to monitor the populations of dragonflies in Colorado and promote dragonfly conservation and habitat conservation 

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Urban Prairies 

The Urban Prairies Project (UPP) improves the ecological health of urban and suburban open spaces in the City and County of Broomfield, the City of Westminster and beyond, while providing opportunities to engage community volunteers in habitat conservation for pollinators and other wildlife. 

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