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Butterfly Pavilion's Pollinator Place is now closed. The space will reopen on Friday, May 3rd as our new Origins: Building Life exhibit!

Great Outdoors Afterschool Nature Clubs

Nature is our classroom, and curiosity is our compass. The Great Outdoors Afterschool Programs are designed for students to foster a deep connection with the natural world and ignite a lifelong love for the outdoors. Butterfly Pavilion’s award-winning Afterschool Programs are an excellent opportunity to provide students with a well-rounded and holistic educational experience that complements classroom learning and fosters a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Great Outdoor Lessons

Habitats – Habitat is home for invertebrates of all shapes and sizes. Discover what an animal needs to survive in its habitat and the many kinds of habitats. 

Ecosystems – The world is full of many types of ecosystems; aspiring student scientists will explore these diverse ecological realms.  

Rainforests – Students will discover the importance of rainforests and why every fourth breath you take is a rainforest breath. 

Native Plants – What is a native plant and why should we care?  Explore the world of incredible plants that are native to Colorado and discover why these plants are important! 

Seed Bombs – Through a hands-on activity, students will discover the many ways they can help nature even in urban areas. 

Take Home Garden – Students will make their own mini garden to take home! 

Afterschool Nature Club

Nature Club programs are designed for students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade. These 45-minute sessions take place at the school or community site, 1-2 times a week after regular school hours for at least four weeks. Nature Clubs are conducted by esteemed Butterfly Pavilion educators, distinguished authorities in conservation, and invertebrate studies.

Our award winning “Nature Club” Programs deliver a world-class educational experience for school-aged children, fostering their understanding and admiration for invertebrates. Through the afterschool programs, students will cultivate an understanding of invertebrates, foster compassion and empathy, and gain a sense of empowerment to become caretakers of both invertebrates and the world around them.



Length: 45 minutes 

Fee: $100/session + travel; minimum of four sessions booked 

Group Size/Session: 30 participants/session 

All outreach programs incur a travel fee of $0.65/mile round trip between your site and Butterfly Pavilion. Partial program scholarships may be available for qualifying groups. 

Contact us for registration and more details 720-974-1861, 

Butterfly Pavilion Nature Club has been awarded a 2023 Innovative Environmental Education Program Award from the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education!