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Environmental and Ecological Services

Collaborative Conservation

What if capitalism and conservation collaborated?

Introducing our suite of Environmental and Ecological Services — a diverse line of products and services designed by Butterfly Pavilion — world renowned leaders in invertebrate research, education, and conservation.

Each service is designed to balance the needs of humanity with the species upon which we depend for survival. In the end, both thrive.

From pollinator-promoting commercial, residential, and industrial landscape design and build, to Pollinator District certifications, Pollinator Habitat Certifications, bragworthy backyard gardens, and productive honeybee hive rentals, these programs increase value, aesthetics, and create more balance between us and these tiny giants.

We invite you to explore which program may be right for you, your company, property, or curiosity.

Welcome to Butterfly Pavilion Environmental and Ecological Services.

Pollinator Districts Icon

Add some buzz to your development.

A certified Pollinator District project is an enterprise-level commitment to ensure the healthy cohabitation of pollinators and people in your community.


Public spaces can provide excellent habitat for pollinators. All it takes is a little love from our experts.

We aim to transform disturbed, fragmented and monoculture landscapes into beautiful habitat supporting native pollinator species.


Put honey bees to work at your place of work.

Honey bee hive rental from Butterfly Pavilion can be a great way for your workforce to reap sweet rewards.


Build a corporate installation that will grow and give back.

Butterfly Pavilion will design a thriving pollinator garden for your corporate campus.

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