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Birthday FAQ

Butterfly Pavilion's Birthday Parties Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for booking my child’s party?
– Parties are held at Butterfly Pavilion on Saturdays and Sundays. Room rentals last 90
minutes and can be scheduled 9:30am-11:00am, 12:00pm-1:30pm, or 2:30pm-4:00pm.
We suggest booking your party as far as advance in possible to ensure getting your ideal
date and time.
– We offer a caterpillar package (room rental), and any other package options you choose will be an add-on to the original party price.

What if I’d like a party on a different day of the week?
– You are still welcome to bring your group and enjoy our exhibits, but due to additional
activities that happen during the week, we are unable to provide party rooms any day
other than Saturday or Sunday.

Do I have to count adults in my number of attendees?
– Yes. All attendees over the age of 2 years old count towards your party attendance.
What if I don’t know the exact number of guests when I make my reservation?
– When making your reservation, choose the package size based on your best estimate.
Always overestimate rather than underestimate.
– On the day of your party, the final number of guests will be taken and if you have any
additions, those individuals will need to purchase a ticket for the exhibits, priced at
$13/person. This purchase can take place at the front desk, after the room rental is

When do I need to give you my total number of guests?
– The final count of guests will be taken on the day of your party, so you may let your
party host know at some time before or after your party.
What are your guest minimums and maximums?
– Our package size provides space for up to 30 people. Please contact, Oliva Sieverts at

What if some of my guests want to pay for themselves?
– Payment will be taken from one card, the contact person for the party. If a different
solution is needed, please contact us at (720) 974-1862 or or for additional options.

What if I or some of my guests are members?
– All party guests, including anyone who is a member, will be included in the attendance
count and needs to be paid for. If you yourself are a member, we do offer a member
discount on party package pricing at booking.

How do I make sure people don’t bring their whole family to the party?
– We suggest including wording like this in your invitation: “This invitation includes the
birthday party and admission to Butterfly Pavilion exhibits for one child and one parent.
You are welcome to bring other members of the family, but they will need to pay
general admission prices each for their party admission.”

Can we come early to set up?
– You can have access to your party room beginning 30 minutes before your party start
time. Due to other activities, we are unable to allow you access any earlier (Note you
may have to wait a few minutes so your party host can clean the room from a previous
party before your party may enter). Our rooms are decorated with artwork and bug
displays already, but if you feel the need for more decoration, you are welcome to bring
your own. Please be aware that glitter of any kind and hanging things from the walls/ceiling
are NOT ALLOWED in the party space!

Do we have extra time outside of our 90 minutes to clean up the room?
-No. Tear down must be completed by the end of the contracted timeslot. Your party host will be happy to help bring things to the car and support clean up

Does Butterfly Pavilion provide food and drinks?
– We do not provide any food, drinks or cake cutting knives now. You are welcome to
bring any food or drink you like (alcohol is prohibited) and any table service you may
need. We ask that you do not bring open punch bowls or snacks that can stain to
protect our carpets (there will be a $75 damages fee for any stains or damages that
occur during the party). You can also have food delivered.

How many tables are in the party room?
– For seating, we provide five, 6’ rectangle tables that seat six. There will also be wooden
buffet tables available for food and presents. Tables and chairs will be placed out for you
prior to your party set up time and your party host will assist you with set up if wanted.

Do you have refrigeration or a freezer for our party food?
– No, we unfortunately cannot provide any refrigeration or freezer space. Coolers are
allowed if they are watertight.

Do you have a way for me to heat up my party food?
– No, we cannot provide any kitchen equipment including a microwave or stove for your
party. Crock Pots are allowed.

Should we bring decorations?
– The birthday parties are held in the classrooms and have artwork and insect specimens
in them, and we also create a custom “Happy Birthday” sign to be projected on to one
wall during the party. You may bring your own decorations. You can bring additional decorations, but nothing can be taped or pinned to the walls or ceiling. Glitter, piñatas, confetti, and silly string are not allowed, and bringing them may result in a $75.00 damages fee being
added to your bill.

What do I need to bring with me the day of the party?
– Please bring a signed copy of the contract provided to you at the time of booking. In
addition, you should bring any food, drink, or decorations you may want for the
duration of the party.

What types of activities does Butterfly Pavilion provide?
– In addition to Exhibits access, you can complete an entomology activity and have a
personal butterfly release, where guests will get to sit in the front row, with the
butterfly package. Other activities such as a scavenger hunt
or story time, both of which are available for both party packages need to be requested by emailed

Do we have to visit the exhibits during our 90-minute party time?
– No, you have the private room for 90 minutes, but you can visit the exhibits after your
party starts and stay until we close at 5:00 pm. Please note that you must vacate the
room after 90 minutes. Being in the party room longer
than your allotted time will result in a $75 overtime fee being added to your bill.

Where do we and our guests go when we arrive?
– You and your guests will go to the Private Events entrance, which is located under the
green awning, near the flagpole to the east of the main entrance doors. There will be
signs outside the main entrance and at the end of the awning directing guests towards
the correct door.

What is your refund policy?

Cancellations with at least 30 days’ notice will be given a full refund, minus a 10% processing fee.

Cancellations between 30 to 15 days’ notice will receive a 75% refund, cancellations between 15 to 5 days’ notice will receive a 50% refund and cancellations with less than 5 days’ notice will receive no refund. 

If anyone in your party is diagnosed with COVID-19 or has any symptoms as defined within current Jefferson County Public Health guidelines, then Butterfly Pavilion will move your party to an open party slot of your choosing at no cost or you will be given a refund, minus a $50 room deposit charge.

If Butterfly Pavilion must cancel your party for any reason, your party will be moved to an open party slot of your choosing at no cost to you. If Butterfly Pavilion cancels your party with less than 30 days’ notice, a full refund will be given.

Is there a schedule people have found work best for their parties?
– The following schedule is what we recommend for a relaxing, fun party:
* 30 Minutes Before Party: Check in with your party host, hand in your
contract, and verify all your party details.
* 20 Minutes Before Party: Begin to unload your car and setup the party room
* First 15 Minutes of Party: Allow this time for your guests to arrive and
* Next 45 Minutes of Party: Your entomology activity with the butterfly
package will be during this time, or your group can enjoy a scavenger hunt or
read a book, which will be provided in the classroom. This is also a great time to
bring out food, drinks, and do any other activities you have planned. If you have
not scheduled any extra activities, and if you have the butterfly package, then this
time will be spent watching a butterfly release. This is also the perfect time for cake and presents, as well as your
guest send-off.
*Last 30 Minutes of Party: Pack up belongings and clean up all food and
decorations. Check out with your party host and finalize any last-minute
questions or details