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Attention! On Saturday, June 29, Butterfly Pavilion hours will change to 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. for the Pollinator Palooza Festival! Get your tickets today!

K-3rd Grade Virtual Programs

Virtual Invertebrate Encounter

Discover the captivating realm of invertebrates through our immersive, teacher-friendly video conferencing sessions! First, we unveil a fascinating featured invertebrate on camera. Then, we hand the reins to our budding student scientists who steer the session through their curiosity and questions, fostering an interactive and dynamic learning adventure. Plus, you get to pick from a curated list of invertebrates when booking your program!

Customizable Virtual Invertebrate Encounter

Explore the mesmerizing world of invertebrates with a personalized touch! Beyond butterflies and bees, we offer a tailored, curriculum-aligned invertebrate experience for students of all ages. Request our customizable program, and we'll craft an exclusive invertebrate encounter just for you.

Lacey Ladybug's Garden Adventure

Follow the journey of Lacey Ladybug as she grows up and explores her enchanting garden throughout the seasons. As Lacey encounters various challenges and makes new friends along the way, she teaches young learners about the fascinating world of ladybugs, including their life cycle, habitat, and their vital role in nature. Students choose their own adventure and meet live invertebrates in this virtual interactive story time! 

Life Cycles

In this program, your budding scientists will awaken their senses, closely observing and interacting with live invertebrates on camera to unlock the mesmerizing mystery of metamorphosis. Let us guide your class in an interactive virtual adventure, where the secrets of life cycles come to life before your students' eyes. It's an educational experience that will spark their curiosity and deepen their understanding of the natural world.

Who Needs a Habitat

Join us in an exhilarating exploration of the natural world! Who needs a habitat? Birds, bears, bugs, and, of course, your curious students! Explore the components of habitats – food, water, shelter, and space – while actively engaging with invertebrates and their homes. Your class will unravel the pivotal roles these incredible creatures play in ecosystems, both globally and right in your own backyard. It's a hands-on adventure that will leave your students buzzing with excitement and a newfound appreciation for the world around them!

Besieged Bees

Empower your students to engage in environmental conservation with an interactive video conferencing program! Dive into the world of bees, where your class will compare various types of bees, grasp their critical role in our ecosystems, investigate the concerning decline in their populations, and collaboratively brainstorm innovative solutions to conserve and restore their numbers. Your students will become eco-champions, taking real-world action to protect our essential pollinators and nurture a healthier planet!

Monarch Mysteries

Join us on a captivating virtual journey via interactive video conference! Immerse your students in the awe-inspiring odyssey of the monarch butterflies as they embark on their epic migration. Together, we'll uncover the challenges these majestic creatures encounter throughout their life cycle and explore strategies to bolster declining monarch populations. Engage in the mysteries of these enchanting butterflies and empower your students to find answers through the power of community science!