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Butterfly Pavilion's Pollinator Place is now closed. The space will reopen on Friday, May 3rd as our new Origins: Building Life exhibit!

Lacey Ladybug's Garden Adventure

Lacey Ladybug's Garden Adventure

Ages PreK-2nd Grade

Follow the journey of Lacey Ladybug as she grows up and explores her enchanting garden throughout the seasons. As Lacey encounters various challenges and makes new friends along the way, she teaches young learners about the fascinating world of ladybugs, including their life cycle, habitat, and their vital role in nature.

Students choose their own adventure and meet live invertebrates in this interactive story time! 

Curriculum Standards Supported:

Colorado Academic Science Standards

  • SC.P.2.1 Recognize that living things have unique characteristics and basic needs that can be observed and studied. 
  • SC.P.2.2 Recognize that living things develop in predictable patterns. 
  • SC.P.3.2 The acquisition of concepts and facts related to the natural and physical world and the understanding of naturally occurring relationships. 
  • SC.K.2.1: To live and grow, animals obtain food they need from plants or other animals, and plants need water and light 
  • SC.K.3.2 Plants and animals meet their needs in their habitats and impact one another; people can prepare for severe weather 
  • SC.1.2.1: 1. All organisms have external parts that they use to perform daily functions. 
  • SC.1.2.2: Young organisms are very much, but not exactly, like their parents, and also resemble other organisms of the same kind. 
  • SC.2.2.2:  A range of different organisms lives in different places. 
  • SC.2.2.1 Plants depend on water and light to grow and on animals for pollination or to move their seeds around. 

Next Generation Science Standards 

  • 1-LS3-1. Make observations to construct an evidence-based account that young plants and animals are like, but not exactly like, their parents