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Butterfly Pavilion is open for Memorial Day with our regular hours

Party For The Planet Tips & Resources

Join Us and #SpringIntoAction to Save Species and Their Environment for Earth Day!

Join Us in Taking Action to Save Species

Monarch butterflies and migratory songbirds travel thousands of miles and may stop in your backyard or local parks. You can help them on their journey by creating safe stopover areas for their long migrations.

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Purple flower and honey bee

Tips for Protecting Pollinators

Habitat gardens can make a big difference to the local environment. By including plants and other elements that provide food, water and shelter, a habitat garden can supplement and enhance existing resources for pollinators and other wildlife.

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Healthy Habitat Gardening

Grow a Pollinator Sanctuary

The good news is that everyone, no matter where they live, can improve this situation for pollinators. If you want to create your own pollinator sanctuary, all you need is some close observation, a little planning and the right plants.

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Earth Day 2023 Great Global Cleanup: How Everybody Does Their Share

Make an impact this Earth Day by participating in the Great Global Cleanup!

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Pledge to Play it SAFE for Monarchs!

We need your help to keep monarchs safe and feed the migration! Join the AZA SAFE Monarch Network to pledge to take action for butterflies.

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Volunteer for Community Science!

Sign up for a Community Science program or to volunteer at Butterfly Pavilion in honor of Earth Day. Grab a friend or your family and assist our scientists in a nature adventure that will positively impact Colorado communities and help us save nature’s tiny giants!

Community Science