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Butterfly Pavilion's Pollinator Place is now closed. The space will reopen on Friday, May 3rd as our new Origins: Building Life exhibit!

Private Event FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Private Events

What if I would like a wedding rehearsal? 
We are happy to accommodate wedding rehearsals; you will need to schedule and secure the space. Our available dates are first-come-first-serve, and rehearsals will be scheduled accordingly. If you would like to add and plan a wedding rehearsal, please call us as early as possible to give you the best chance of your preferred date. 
Can I also book a rehearsal dinner as well as the ceremony rehearsal? 
Rehearsal Dinners are booked as an additional event and are subject to additional charges and date availability. If you would like to schedule a rehearsal dinner, please call us to schedule it as early as possible to give you the best chance of your preferred date. 
Can I rearrange the benches and planters in my ceremony space? 
Please speak with the Venue Manager to discuss what changes you would like. Some changes can be accommodated, but memorial planters and benches cannot move. 
Do you have full-length mirrors I can use to prepare for my wedding? 
Yes. We have two mirrors that we can provide. Please include this request with our Venue Manager if you would like those set up for you. 
Can I set up tables in my dressing room? 
Please let us know what you need in advance, and we will set them up for you. 
Can my party go to any other exhibit beside the Wings Over the Tropics? 
Each exhibit has an hourly rental cost that can be added to your event at the time of booking or up to six weeks before your event to secure staffing needed in each exhibit. If you are hosting your event after hours, your party may only enter exhibits you have contracted with your event. All other exhibits will be closed during your event. 
Do I need to let the Butterfly Pavilion Event Staff know when my vendors will drop off items? 
Your Venue Manager will collect this information from you and connect with your vendors.  
Do I need to make an appointment to see the space before my event? 
Yes, you must make an appointment with Private Events in advance. Alternately, you may pay the standard admission price for access to the entire facility. 
When can I start setting up my event in the Wings Over the Tropics? 
Set up can start at 5:00 p.m. when the facility closes and the exhibit is empty/vacant. Please note, in Wings Over the Tropics, the lighting is natural due to the animals that live there. If your event begins after dark, please plan accordingly.  
Can I touch the butterflies in Wings Over the Tropics? 
Please do not touch any animals or plants in this exhibit to help us ensure their safety! Any violation of this United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy may result in the exhibit being closed immediately during your event and guests not allowed back in.  
What items am I allowed to bring into Wings Over The Tropics? 
You can bring in bouquets sprayed with pesticides by a florist or a store, and flowers from a garden are not allowed. A Private Event team member must thoroughly check items allowed in the conservatory to ensure there is nothing attached that is not permitted to leave the conservatory.  
The Wings Over the Tropics is hot; can we adjust the temperature? 
No, this exhibit’s heaters are there to maintain the proper environment for our animals. Turning them off is detrimental to the animals and plants in this exhibit. We can turn off the misters for a short time, for instance, during a wedding ceremony or when your pictures are being taken. Misters will be turned on immediately after the main parts of your event conclude. 
What items am I not allowed to bring into the Wings Over The Tropics space? 
Please inquire with a Private Event team member about any specific items. 
Things that are not allowed in the Wings Over The Tropics space include but are not limited to: 
  • any food/beverage, any living animal (dogs/puppies, rats, cats, birds, etc.)
  • anything that was once living (such as a wooden arch) 
  • bubbles
  • live plants (small trees, potted plants, etc.)
  • candles
Do you sell butterflies to release outside? 
No, the butterflies we curate are tropical and subtropical species and, per USDA regulations, are not allowed outside the Wings Over The Tropics exhibit. Additionally, butterflies raised under human care typically do not adapt well to living outside of human care, so we do not partner with or endorse any vendors that provide this service. 
Do you provide tables and chairs for my event? 
Tables and chairs are included in your private event space rental rate. Should you require more than our inventory, you will work with our approved vendor for furniture rental. Additionally, The Venue Manager will coordinate with you for set-up needs for the tables and chairs for your event. Only Butterfly Pavilion Private Event staff may set up, break down, or move tables and chairs.  
Do you provide linens or dishware for Private Events? 
No, Butterfly Pavilion does not provide linens or dishware for private events. These items can be rented through our exclusive event rentals vendor. You are welcome to bring disposable table covers.   
How do I set up the microphone or projector? 
Butterfly Pavilion provides a staff member specifically for your event – that staff member will be able to set those up for you and answer any questions that you have. If you are providing your laptop, please make sure it can connect to HDMI. 
Can we use the kitchen? 
Yes, if you have booked the ballroom space, use of the kitchen is linked to rental of the ballroom and is not available with rental of other areas in the facility. Private Event parties can use any counter space, dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, ice machine, and stove in the ballroom kitchen. Any items in the cupboards are property of the Butterfly Pavilion and may not be used. Please leave the kitchen clean and as you found it. 
Do you have WiFi? 
Yes! Any Private Event team member working your event will be able to give you the password at the time of your event. The information is also above the microphone box in the ballroom. 
Where can we smoke? 
Smoking is allowed under the green awning near the event entrance or on the patio space only. Please put all cigarettes out and place them in a receptacle. 
When can I start setting up the ballroom for my event? 
You can set up the ballroom at the allotted time that the Sales Manager and the party have agreed upon per the contract. Typically this is a 2-hour time frame for weddings and 1 hour for all other events. 
How do I adjust the volume in the ballroom? 
Please ask a Private Event team member to assist you. We suggest you try adjusting the volume on your device first before changing the sound on the wall.  
What are the Event Security Requirements:? 
Can I bring in my Décor?