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Adult Group Visit Options

At Butterfly Pavilion, our adult group visits offer more than just a captivating experience with butterflies. Alongside our self-guided tours, we also host engaging adult lectures that delve deeper into the intricate world of these enchanting invertebrates. Led by knowledgeable experts, these lectures provide a unique learning opportunity, offering valuable insights into the ecological significance and conservation efforts surrounding these delicate creatures.

Self Guided Tours

Have an adult group of 10 or more? Enjoy discounted pricing for a self guided visit at Butterfly Pavilion.

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Adult Tea Time

Indulge in delectable tea and scrumptious cookies as you explore a range of fascinating topics, from the amazing role of invertebrates as essential pollinators to captivating community science initiatives. Our program caters to the needs and interests of your group, ensuring that you have a truly personalized experience.

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Lecture and Flutter

Butterfly Pavilion believes that you never stop learning, and even grown-ups can learn a thing or two! Enjoy a one hour adult-focused lecture for your group. General admission is included for a self guided tour afterwards.

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