Visitor FAQ

Butterfly Pavilion's Visitor Frequently Asked Questions

We’re excited to welcome you back to Butterfly Pavilion! Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions related to our facility operations.

What are Butterfly Pavilion’s hours of operation? Butterfly Pavilion is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., last admission is at 4:15 pm.

Can the SNAP/EBT discount still be applied to tickets? Yes, SNAP, EBT, P-EBT, WIC, and out-of-state card holders receive $2 admission per person for up to 10 people online and $3 admission per person for up to 10 people in-person. Prior to entering, please bring your SNAP/EBT card with you. If you are unable to provide eligibility, you will be charged full price for entry.

Are guests required to wear personal protective equipment? Guests are no longer required to wear a mask in the facility; masks will be provided upon request at the front desk.

Is the Colorado Backyard Exhibit and play area open? Yes! Butterfly Pavilion’s Colorado Backyard Exhibit and Play area is included in every purchase of timed-entry tickets. The play area will close at 1:45 p.m. each day for 15 minutes for cleaning and sanitation.

How do I buy general admission tickets? General admission tickets may be purchased online prior to arrival or at the front desk when your party arrives. Go to www.butterflies.local and click “Buy Tickets.” Select the date and time you would like to visit and follow the prompts to go through the purchasing process. If the time slot is listed as “sold out,” it is not currently available, and you will need to select another option.

How do I buy gift tickets? Unfortunately, gift cards/gift certificates are unavailable for purchase at this time. You may gift one-time admission via purchasing General Admission tickets, or you can gift year-round admission with a Gift Membership.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend my scheduled timed entry?  Yes! We offer to refund or reschedule your General Admission tickets if you are unable to visit us.

Can I transfer my ticket to another date if I am unable to attend? Yes! Please call 720-531-9364, and we will change your timed entry tickets to the desired day and time.

How do I redeem my reserved library pass? Library passes must be redeemed in person. Passes are only valid on the printed date of use. To cancel or reschedule your library pass, you must contact the library you booked the pass through.

Can I bring in my stroller or wheelchair? Yes! Butterfly Pavilion is ADA-accessible and welcomes outside strollers and wheelchairs into the facility.

Where do I park if the lot is full? Butterfly Pavilion has additional free offsite parking options at the Westin Hotel and Armed Forces Tribute Garden.

Can Butterfly Pavilion free passes be applied to tickets? Yes, free passes can be applied to tickets, however, the discount cannot be applied online. To redeem, please bring your passes in and turn them into the front desk.

Can the military discount still be applied to timed tickets?  Yes! Military discounts are only available for active or veteran military personnel and can be purchased online or in person with a valid ID.

Can I hold Rosie the tarantula? Yes! Rosie handing is included in your general admission ticket. You must be at least three years old to hold Rosie.

Do you have day camps for children? Yes, we offer Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter camps!

Do you offer educational programs and courses? Yes, we offer a wide array of reoccurring and seasonal educational programs and courses. Click here to learn more.

Can I have an adult birthday party, wedding, corporate party, or other private events at Butterfly Pavilion? Yes, we host private events at our facility. Click here to learn more details!

For Members:

Is member entry still free? Yes, members still receive free entry to Butterfly Pavilion. Members may reserve their spot online or get their tickets in person.

How do I reserve my tickets online? Members should click this link to log in to their member account. Once you’ve logged in with your email address and password, select the date and time you would like to visit and follow the prompts to go through the reservation process. If the time slot is listed as “sold out,” it is not currently available, and you’ll need to select another option. For any issues reserving tickets online, please call us at 720-531-9364. Please note that general admission reservations are not required for entry.

How do I create a member account? Members should click this link to create an online account. Enter your email address and the temporary password “rosie,” then click “log in.” You will receive a message that your temporary password has expired. Enter a new password and click “change password.” For any issues creating a member account, please call us at 720-531-9364.

Do I need to present my membership card or photo ID at the Front Desk when checking in for my timed entry tickets? Yes, we use this information to verify your reservation.

Can I bring a guest? Yes, you can redeem one-time-use guest passes or purchase discount guest admission tickets, online and in person.

Can I reserve tickets to give as a gift? Memberships are non-transferable. Member timed entry tickets may only be used by the card holders listed on the memberships. If you would like to gift admission, you may purchase the recipient General Admission tickets or a Gift Membership.

How many tickets can I reserve online? Members may reserve the number of tickets that corresponds with the number of people included in their membership level. Click here to review the details of each membership level.