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Please be advised: Butterfly Pavilion will be closing early on Saturday, December 9th at 4:00p with last admission at 3:15p.

Party for the Planet

Celebrate with us this April!

Butterfly Pavilion is celebrating invertebrates and all they contribute to our planet! We are joining the Association of Zoos & Aquariums  (AZA) facilities across the country for this spring collaboration to showcase animals that we all rely on. Butterfly Pavilion is also introducing a new animal experience of monarch caterpillars to kick off this party!

A percentage of every April ticket purchased will go to Butterfly Pavilion’s donation to AZA’s Saving Animals From Extinction and Animal Well-Being funds as well as a Colorado climate-based fund to make a direct impact on the planet to support invertebrates and healthy habitats! 

Join us by “Springing Into Action” and make an impact during Party for the Planet in honor of Earth Day!


Scroll down below to learn about AZA and Butterfly Pavilion initiatives and the species that will benefit from your visit or donation during Party for the Planet!

North American Monarch Program (SAFE)

Butterfly Pavilion is a proud member and leader within the AZA SAFE North American Monarch Program which is helping to increase zoos' and aquariums’ conservation leadership throughout North America in order to bolster the habitat for migratory monarch butterflies. This critical action is needed to recover and sustain butterfly populations, which are in steep decline.

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Safety Web for Arthropod Reproduction and Management (SWARM)

Butterfly Pavilion leads the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Safety Web for Arthropod Reproduction and Management (SWARM) program in the maintenance of sustainable populations for the Chilean rose hair tarantulas, Grammostola rosea (Rosie).

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Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project (SAFE)

The AZA-Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project (AZA-FRTRP) is an AZA member-driven coral rescue and conservation network focused on the rescue, housing and future propagation of Florida corals affected by stony coral tissue loss disease.

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Grassy prairie

The Southern Plains Land Trust

The Southern Plains Land Trust purchases land for prairie wildlife. It’s that simple. South East Colorado is a biodiversity hotspot and contains a wide variety of habitat that sustains wide diversity of plants and animals. Butterfly Pavilion is donating a portion of the proceeds of Party for the Planet to this climate-based fund in honor of Earth Day!

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Couple planting residential garden together

Party For The Planet Tips & Resources

Learn how to do your part to protect species and their habitats and make an impact this Earth Day!

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Volunteer for Community Science!

Sign up for a Community Science program or to volunteer at Butterfly Pavilion in honor of Earth Day. Grab a friend or your family and assist our scientists in a nature adventure that will positively impact Colorado communities and help us save nature’s tiny giants!

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